Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Should I Forget Him or Wait for Him?

Good afternoon ma, please I need your advice. I met a guy this year January. We are friends, ever since I knew him, he never send any gift or cash to me, even on my birthday that was in June, he promised to send cash, up until now nothing.

He calls always but does not send any cash. He promised to be in Nigeria next year .. Should I forget him or wait? I do not understand his method of friendship, though he told me that he will get married to me in two years time which is 2018.
I asked him about the money he promised he said is a debt he will pay it.
Should I move on or wait.

Your mail suggests that you have not set your eyes on him but I may be wrong. 
That notwithstanding, for the fact that an individual is abroad doesn't necessarily mean that he or she is packing enough dollars, pounds or euros per hour or per minute. 
There are some individuals who are still working hard to get their identity card, some are combining work with studies, and some are still striving to get a decent living in their country of residence. 
Though there's no love without giving, you don't really love an individual if you do not care enough to know what he's going through and how he's coping over there. 
In fact some genuine men perceive such individuals as gold diggers and is afraid to fall in love with such individuals. This is because it seems as though you are in love with his pocket and not his personality. 
Well, you are in the best position to decide whether to move on with your life or wait until he's back so that both of you can sit down and talk about the future of your relationship. 
Telling you that he wish to get married to you, for me has no value until you are convinced that he's the kind of man that you wish to settle down with. 
So tell me, what do you know about this man and what exactly do you love about him? Is getting money or getting married the sole purpose of this relationship? Maybe you should have a better understanding of what relationship ought to be so that you don't end up with the wrong partner.


  1. As in eh! Some girls tire me for their thinking.

  2. Madam money money is the guy your Father? Don't you have something doing with your life? Is it all about money? Kaii pls try and get a life. Hungry girl

  3. Naija babe's and money...tufiakwa


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