Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Should I Raise a Family and Forget about School?

Good evening ma.
I am writing you this mail with confused thoughts and mind.
I need you advice or should I rather say your expert opinion on this. It's not a relationship matter.
I am 33 years. I finished my National Diploma in 2006,
did my one year IT in a bank and was retained afterwards. I was converted to a contract staff and the salary was quite attractive.
After about two years, I started weekend program for my Bsc from year one. I was in 300l first semester that I had issue with my work and I couldn't continue with the program. This happened in 2011. Since then I haven't been doing something tangible.
The problem now is, considering my age, do you think it's advisable to buy HND form and finish my school? Or there is this job someone promised me first week of September, should start working-class and raise a family and forget about school. My family is on my neck to further my education.
I am really really confused and saddened at the same time.
Your advice will go a long way ma. I have prayed and haven't received any revelation on which one to go for. Hoping to hear from you soonest as I want to go and buy the form tomorrow morning.
Thank you mummy

The first thing you must do is to avoid any form of pressure from any quarters for any reason or purpose. 
This is not the best time to say 'my family is on my neck', they're not breastfeeding you nor should you live as though you are afraid of life or taking some decisions for yourself. 
You said that you were in 300L when you stopped working, what you could have done was to get a job or a skill and finish up your program which I feel that you should have completed within two years. 
Well since that wasn't workable for reasons best known to you, what you need most is a means of living and sustainability. I am not against completing your program but there's a need for you to make provision for yourself before completing your program. 
As you hope to start working soon, please consider any other businesses or skills or vocational training that you can earn a living with so that you can utilise the funds to meet up with other needs in your life. 
Like you know that marriage is not what you venture into with your bare hands, you need to have a constant source of income, shelter for yourself and your family, and mental maturity to manage the pressures that comes with marriage. 
You are the best person who knows what is your topmost priority and I will encourage you to take your time, count your cost before taking the next step in your vision.

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