Thursday, September 1, 2016

He Blocked Me on All Social Platforms.

Hello Amara.
A friend of mine gave your Facebook name and told me to like your page that you have been helpful in her relationship.
There is this guy that I like/love so much but all of a sudden he changed his intentions against we dating. Last year we had a misunderstanding that lasted for about four months until we reconciled.

One thing I have noticed is that he doesn't talk to me with respect, he then told me we are not friends anymore, and I asked him that is he serious, he said yes and after then we still continued chatting.
This afternoon, I was trying to joke with him, then he said he is not up for jokes this afternoon, I then replied by saying and who is joking with you, before I knew it, he blocked me on all social platforms
And I sent message to him on my other line that am sorry if what I said got him angry, the next thing I knew was that he blocked me on that too, I now sent a message to him on IMO that am not saying he shouldn't block me for life, that I want him to know that I appreciate him as a friend, he blocked me immediately he read the message on IMO.
One thing I have noticed is that whenever we have issues he blocks my contact on all platforms, and he has said a lot of insulting things to me and I have never for once blocked him.
He said I complain too much that he doesn't chat me up that we quarrel all the time and that he is tired
I don't know if I should call him or send a text message to him, please I need your advice, please I will appreciate it, will be expecting your reply Thanks a bunch
I don't know if I am the cause of him not being tolerant, cos he said anytime he sees my message on BBM he becomes worried cos he knows I will complain about him not asking after me or appreciating me as a friend.

These are the characteristics of an emotionally immature man who delights in crushing his partner and making sure that he's the only authority in the relationship irrespective of whether he's right or not. 
If while you're dating you had a misunderstanding and for four good months both of you couldn't reconcile with each other, I'm afraid to say that marriage will be hell for both of you. 
Even if he's right about your attitude to the relationship and to him, blocking you on all his social media platforms shows that he's truly not mature for relationship, and he finds comfort in keeping malice against his partner. 
For relationship to thrive, partners must create an avenue for reconciliations, be open to communication, be willing to forgive and let go, and be ready to sacrifice to help your partner become better in his or her personality. In a relationship where where all of these are lacking, it's obvious that both of you cannot work together. 
I'm not scaring you or preventing you from falling in love, I'm only pointing out pitfalls that has the potential to sink any relationship or marriage so that you can decide whether he's really what you want or not. 
You are dating an authority so you have no right to joke with him, and how dare you raise anything against a perfect man? He treats you with disrespect because you are meant to be his slave and not his equal, don't you know that you are a woman?  What do you think that you know to talk to him? 
He's obviously not prepared for a relationship, and I will suggest that you respect his decision and move on with your life. You don't need to swallow everything in the name of love because after wedding, you may no longer have the capacity and the patience to continue enduring his tantrums.

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  1. You just need to dump this baby boy and move on with your life,please don't ever write Aunty Amara for any advice should you go ahead to reconcile and eventually marry your"baby".Thanks.


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