Wednesday, September 7, 2016

He Threatened To Divorce Me.

Good evening dear..... God bless you for all the godly advise you been giving. I found out that my husband cheats with random girl.. I found out through his WhatsApp, he now changed his password. 
Recently a girl sent him her account number, I confronted him, his reply is that I should leave if I am tired of the marriage.
He never gives me money for my daily upkeep, with the little money I saved, I started up a business that gives me little income and keeps me busy. Now he said he want me to be a house wife. 
Note: He buys all the food items, we don't lack food. 
I should stay at home or he will divorce me? What will I do?

Though your mail is brief, it's actually quite complex, and you are dealing with so much in your marriage. You are dealing with a man who doesn't really care about your feelings or your happiness, and expressing your opinion or challenge doesn't really make sense to him. 
You have to work with getting all the details of his cheating attitude, the lady's name, her number, her contact address and every other valid information about their relationship so that when you are confronting him or involving your families, they will have a clear picture of what is going in your marriage, and find ways to address it. 
For no reason should you condone infidelity because it exposes you to sexually transmitted infections and has the potential to ruin your marriage. 
Maybe you should get your family involved, and also inform his family so that both of you can iron out your differences and mend your home. 
A man who always threaten to divorce and give you commands and instructions have something he's battling within or is looking for an avenue to either suppress you or terminate the marriage. 
There is need for you to hand everything to God and allow him to fix your home and change the attitude of your husband.

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  1. I agree, you have to gather enough information and evidences with his cheating routine so if ever you have to expose him, he cannot deny it. It saddens me that husband nowadays does not know how to value their marriage, their wife and the mother of his children. Although he his the man of the house you have to let him know that you exist and that your opinion matters just like the house wife stories from you should know your position.


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