Wednesday, September 7, 2016

When Can One Start Having Sex For a Woman Who Delivered Through Cesarean Section?

Good day ma. God bless you for the good job you are doing. Help me thank the Lord, my wife has delivered a bouncing baby boy. And I pray for those looking unto God for the fruit of the womb, God shall answer your prayers, Amen

Ma, please when can one start having sex with his wife who put to bed through CS? Thanks as usual.

Congratulations on the arrival of your son and I pray that God will provide all you need to nurture your son to greatness.
The rule of thumb to when a woman who put to bed can have sex is when she's comfortable with sex and when she's completely healed of the pains and the bleeding.
Medical professionals recommend six weeks postpartum.
Oga, I will suggest that you support your wife at the early stages of your baby's growth and development. It's not always easy for a woman to stay awake almost all through the day, breastfeeding, watching over him and making sure that he's healthy.
Don't pressurise her with sex and please make sure that both of you work on the family planning option that is best for you and your wife to avoid planting another baby, few weeks after delivery.
If there is anything you can do to ease off the pressure and help her rest her legs and body, please do so that your wife can recover before penetrative sex.
In the interim you can help the baby in breastfeeding and in pampering your wife. Appreciate her because nine months journey is not a smooth ride for any lady.
Once she's comfortable with sex, I'm certain that both of you can enjoy sex with each other.

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