Sunday, September 25, 2016

How Did I Offend Her?

Good evening madam Amara, may God continue you to increase your wisdom. Am a single lady of 24 years am not writing on a relationship matter l just need to share my feeling with someone and l need advice too from you and your fans.
l wrote concerning a friend here some months ago who is 32 years and who stays in the village and she is not married yet (Read here).

Ma, l don't really know what l did wrong or if am a bad person or something? l showed my friend the advice you gave her and she sounded really happy then, and she was like she will be travelling but her problem was funds. So l personally took her to the bank to open an account for her since she didn't have one, l deposited N20,000 into it for her to use in the city until she finds a job over there, and l kept N10000 outside for her to use until she finish the one in her hand.
Last month ending l called her on the phone cause she was not around and l asked her if she will be back that week, she said yes. Then l asked her, will you be able to go the upper week, instead she started murmuring before l knew it she said (WITH THE WAY AM DOING, IS IT THAT AM INDIRECTLY DRIVING HER AWAY FROM THE VILLAGE OR SOMETHING).
l was really shocked with her response cause she brought the whole idea about leaving the village. l just need someone to encourage me and and make me strong cause l don't know what l did wrong.

Sometimes in your zeal to help others or encourage them, others may have the tendency to feel as though you're encroaching into the privacy and the freedom of the person, but that shouldn't make you feel down or discouraged or be worried, it only reveals the limitations of humanity. 
It shouldn't make you feel that your good isn't appreciated by God, all you need to do is give her some space and allow her to decide whatever it is that she wish to do. 
Don't border following up on her since she feels choked by your good intentions but pray for her and leave the rest to God. 
Always remember that though your good deeds may not be appreciated by men, God will always and definitely reward you with greater blessings. 
Cheer up and be grateful for the the privilege to be a blessing to her. God is proud of you and will definitely favour you in all your endeavours.

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