Sunday, September 25, 2016

Not Comfortable With Changing My Lifestyle For His Mum.

Good day ma, please I need your advice. I have been in a relationship with a guy since last year, we love each other. Last month he proposed which I accepted, he begged me to be pregnant for him because he will be travelling out by December
to make his family to accept me and pay my dowry before he leave.
He told me that I will be staying with his mom which am not against that, but in conditions that I will stop wearing trousers, fixing my hair, painting my nails e.t.c which am not comfortable with.
For him he's okay with my dressing but want me to stop just for his mother's sake. Please ma, what would I do?

You are the new house help that his mother have been asking for since her son travelled outside the country.
If to you this is marriage, well you're up for a bumpy ride ahead.
So if you don't get pregnant for him, his family won't accept you and he won't marry you? Assuming that the family doesn't like you which perhaps is the reason why he suggested that you get pregnant for him, how will you cope with this family for the period of time that he will be away? What makes you think or feel that your pregnancy will make them appreciate your personality?
If you're pregnant and you desire to have sex with your husband, who will you meet when your husband is away??  For how long are you going to wait for your loving husband to come back or do you think that flight ticket is easy to come by?
What provision have been made for your welfare? Why stay with his mother or doesn't he have any accommodation of his own??
What will you be doing while he's away and how long will he stay?
Please sit down and reconsider my questions to help you to make the best decision at this point in your relationship, and avoid stories that touch the heart.
If you are comfortable with staying with his mother, please adjust your dressing and way of life to suit your mother-in-law's lifestyle because that's the only way both of you will live with each other. When your husband is back, you can readjust to his taste and desire.
As regarding his request that you get pregnant before marriage, it is wrong and it exposes you to the possibility of them rejecting you with your pregnancy, suffering alone to raise your child, and being seen as a desperate lady who used pregnancy to trap a man.
Beware and be wise.

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