Saturday, September 24, 2016

I Feel Threatened by His Devastating Attitude.

Am a graduate with kids presently working though not earning much but assists in some ways. My hubby went into a new line of business, came in contact with a lady that is divorced with a son, who trades the same place too(her ex-husband trades within same place). They started dating, do business together, returns from business together almost everyday, always on phone, either
calls or chatting(even at midnights) hangs out almost every Sunday. They do all these hiding under the umbrella of business. 
I confronted my hubby to ask why he spends all his time at home always busy chatting, if I've in any way failed in my duties, he said no and denied having any affair with her. I don't have access to his phone, he even blocked me on Facebook but accidentally I came across his chats while he slept during the chat with his phone and saw how they visits hotels from business place, sex stories, even marriage plans. I woke him and showed him, then he apologized saying that the promises were mere deceit to gain business from her. They continued despite the fact that he denied but I have my evidences, continuous chats, hanging out, and the sorts.
I feel so threatened by all these, in fact my peace of mind and that of the home has been partially stolen. At times, I cry till day break, at times I pray like a wounded lion even to his hearing. A time came, I reported to his parents(he denied before them) and his father told him to stop every communication with her both business and otherwise. When I complained to one of his friends, he promised him he was going to end it but never did.
I begged him to clarify his intentions to me that I wouldn't mind but he said he can't spend a second of his life without me and the kids, that he will only stop business with the lady when he is financially stable. 
The truth is that am very dedicated to my home and never expected to get this. I often remind my husband of the sacrifices I've made for him and the home and is ready to render more only if he can be faithful. 
I find it difficult to build courage on how to live with this devastating attitude, and decided to give myself between now and the end of the year to decide on what to do.

When you cannot cope anymore, when you feel overwhelmed by the woes in your marriage, when you cannot think straight anymore and you find yourself weeping more than you smile, when motivational words and the sermon in your church doesn't make sense to you, it's the best time to take a break from your marriage and rediscover yourself. 
Depression is one of the most dangerous experience one will encounter in marriage, it leads to so many things and most times it's always ignored because it doesn't have any physical injuries. 
You need to consider taking some break and hopefully inform your family and his family of all that you are experiencing in your marriage. Maybe some form of agreement can be reached by the family to help both of you live together. 
Please always protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections because a cheating husband has the potential of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and he can transfer such to you if you don't protect yourself. 
I won't discourage you from praying but please know when to take a break to avoid losing your sanity by his attitude towards you.

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