Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I'm Scared Of Becoming A Full-time Housewife.

Greetings Amara, more grace to you.
I got to know this page through a friend and I'm actually writing from her account. I'll start by saying that my husband is a very good man and God fearing too, always making me feel loved, in fact he makes me feel like I'm the only one in the world even after five years.

He does not hesitate to give me money when I ask him, most times he gives without me asking, his love for our two lovely sons is so endearing.
The problem is he does not want me to work, he wants me to join his company, but I'm not looking at it at all. I'd really want to practise, I have two degrees in education. I'm on the company's payroll, he pays me well not minding the fact that I'm yet to join them, but I want to know what it feels like to wake up in the morning, get ready and go to work(teach).
My friends all work, most times I get the feeling that I'll end up being a full house wife and it really scares me, I really want to feel useful, I do hope you consider my write-up.

**[My beautiful family, so this gorgeous, favoured, blessed and prosperous lady wanted to share her testimony to encourage the singles that we still have great husbands and adorable men on earth, she then decided to send it to me as though it is a problem.
My prayer for every single lady is, may God bless you with a man who will love you like the only human being on earth, a man who will give you even when you have, a man who appreciates your nine months of sacrifice to bring his seeds to the world, and a man who has the vision to make you part of his success in Jesus name Amen] I covered it so that the sender won't see it. 

I understand how you feel about being a house wife, and it seems as though you're comparing your marriage with that of your friends. Please desist from comparing your family with that of your friends because you have no idea what they're struggling with and how they're coping with their own challenges. 
Though your mail is too awesome to be a challenge, I perfectly understand that you are a productive lady, a lady who wish to multiply what God has blessed her with, a lady who long to own a company of her own and create wealth. 
It will be discouraging for you to sit down and take care of your children which you feel is not a huge work for you. 
This is what I suggest, since your husband owns a company and he delights to make you part of his success in his company, please consider joining him so that you can understand how his company works, and explore ways you can help him create business opportunities for him. 
He will gladly appreciate your support and suggestions for him, and will always look forward to your opinions. 
God wants you to partner with your husband to achieve greater success, and if your husband has pleaded for your support and expertise in his company, why not consider the option? 
What I am hoping and praying that God will give you is not a school where you can teach but your own school where you will be the boss and be a mentor to your staff. 
If you have the passion to teach or lecture, then you can talk to your husband as a suggestion and then find out what he thinks about it. Your greatest challenge with getting a paid job is creating adequate time for your family and your career. 
If you get this job that you are yearning for, who will take care of your children? Who will help them with their assignments? Who will take care of your husband's meal? Won't it have any negative impact on your marriage? 
If you ask me, I feel that it's best to work with your husband and support him in his company, that way you can bring his lunch box for him, get his breakfast meal for him, help in financial auditing of his company, think of professional courses that your staff needs, and take charge of the training, research and development of your company. 
Please in your closet, bless your husband and pray that God will give him greater success in his life and in your marriage. Also tell him that God is happy with the way he's taking care of you, and that he will favour him more than he can possibly imagine.

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