Friday, September 9, 2016

Is It Advisable To Date A 'Pastor'?

Good evening ma, may Almighty God bless you for the good job you're doing here ma.
Please ma, I need your advice on an issue. I want to know if it's advisable to date 'pastor', I mean someone that can't have a good conversation with one without quoting several Bible verses, it's not like am Antichrist but I just love things moderately.

Secondly ma, this guy has a girlfriend, even though he told me they are not in good terms and he's about ending things with her. He always tell me stuffs about the lady and how she has always been after his cash, but most times I always tell him to make things up with the girlfriend, that it's how we girls behave.
Lastly ma, this guy intends coming to my house soon, just to come say hi. Ma, he hasn't asked me out, but he always tell me how much he loves me not until I told him to stop it. He said he want to see my mum, he once told me he ended a relationship with an ex cos the mum was fat, and he saw the tendency of the lady being fat. Though this guy is cool, caring and hardworking. But still ma, I don't feel too cool with all those stuffs. I don't know if am right or it's just me.
Thank you ma.
I'm sorry I didn't include this ma, he intend talking to me on how we could start a relationship when he comes. And I guess after he must have done my mum's assessment. Please ma, I really don't know if I should or I shouldn't. Thanks ma

To start with, it is inappropriate for you to date a man who is emotionally unavailable for a relationship because he's in a relationship with another lady. 
Whatever be their challenges in the relationship is left for both of them to sort it out, and if he's still with her, please don't interfere in their relationship or consider dating him. 
A man who always quote the scriptures for everything is only hiding his real attitude behind the scriptures. That would have made sense if he's internalising those words and reflecting the virtues of the word of God, but the later part of your mail doesn't suggest such. In a relationship or marriage, you need a man who have a personal relationship with God, and not a man who can quote the scriptures but his life is far away from God. 
He sounds like a nag, fault finder and a gossiper from the way you described him, and he's so much engrossed with the physical and cosmetic appearance of a lady than her real virtues and personality. 
Though he has every right to go for what he wish for, it's left for you to decide whether to accept him the way he is or move on with your life. 
But in this case, please do not venture into any relationship with him because he's not available for one.

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