Saturday, September 10, 2016

My Husband Impregnated Another Woman.

Hi Aunty Amara, honestly I must commend you for a great job that you have been doing and matters you have been addressing, God bless you ma. Please I need your advice on what to do as am not concentrating anymore.
Am married to my husband, we did our traditional and court wedding, yet to do white wedding.
We have three daughters, and my first daughter is 8 years old. My husband is not in Nigeria but he visits us.
He recently had a problem of drug and is in cell right now, another shocking story of my life is that I was told that he impregnated another woman who has given birth to a baby boy over there where he resides. This happened while I was still pregnant for my last daughter who is just ten months and I learnt the boy just turned one year. I heard this from reliable sources, and I have seen the baby's picture who is a carbon copy of the man I called my husband.
Honestly am heartbroken and in tears as I write this to you, I called him on the phone, he is still telling lies that it's not true, that I should be patient till he comes out of cell, though I have warned him never to call my line again. I learnt that he keeps telling people over there that his wife cannot give him a male child, now am the one catering for everything, my children's fees and feeding.
I even learnt the lady that gave birth to the child is a prostitute, honestly am in a serious dilemma, the lady that gave birth to the child is a Nigerian. Please aunty Amara, I need your earnest advice on what to do. God bless you as I await your response ma.

Gather all your facts about the lady, the baby and the informant so that once he's out of the cell, both of you will sit down and discuss about the son and your marriage.
If it is true that he has a boy with another woman, there is little you can do now because the baby is here and you can either plan to accommodate the baby (that is if your husband wishes to repent and be committed to the marriage) or demand for the upkeep of your children and focus on raising them in the best way you can.
One of the challenges of a long distance marriage is that the devil can exploit the vacuum created by the distance to plant a seed of discord, infidelity, and little or no sense of commitment or responsibility to the marriage.
And since he's in the cell, you can't effect any change or report to his family because he's not out to defend or explain himself.

Cheer up and give your heart to raising your beautiful daughters. We can only thank God for giving you such a beauty of life and pray that God will make a name for his sake in the life of your daughters.
Whether you have a male child or not is not the most important thing in life, but giving your best to your children and bringing out the best in them.
If it was in your power to have a male child, definitely you would have selected male children but since it is beyond your capacity, please do not feel weak or discouraged or depressed but trust in God who sees beyond the gender of a child to make your children a blessing to the world.

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