Friday, September 2, 2016

My In-laws Don't Like Me.

Happy new month ma. I want to appreciate you for the good works you are doing here. My wife is a good fan of this page, she told me about the page and I have gone through your page and I see you can help me.
My parents in-law don't like me and these are their reasons

1. They believe that I cannot take care of their daughter
2. They said some prophets said so, I even met one of the pastors that they went to but the man said it was not clear to him then that I should just pray.
3. My wife has a higher degree than me, she has a higher family background.
4. They said am selfish and don't care about her that I married her because she studied a professional course.

My wife just graduated and waiting for her internship. I know there were situations where I was not able to provide for her in school and she had to call her parents but I always try my best. Now they have asked her to leave our marriage or they will disown her. She cries everyday and I know she is regretting marrying me. She is scared.
I have gone to my In-laws to apologize to my in-laws, they were all cool with me but behind they were still telling her to leave me. Last week I saw some hypertension drugs in her bags.
Ma, I don't want to lose my wife, please tell me what to do so that her family will forgive me. I really love her. Thank you ma.

No matter how highly placed a family is, no matter the course of study, no matter the financial difference or difficulties between the two families, as long as the individuals involved love each other, as long as they're willing and ready to work together, as long as they understand God's purpose for marriage, there is no reason why they shouldn't be together as man and wife.
Parents may have good intentions for their children but it's wickedness and selfishness for parents to push their children around in the name of getting married to a particular class in the society.
To the world, it may seem to be a great deal but to God they're destroying the destiny of those innocent individuals, and also playing with their lives.
When a family go all the way to get prayer contractors and fake pastors, and frame up all sorts and manner of excuses to make sure that their daughter do not get married to the man she loves, then it's obvious that they do not care about the happiness of their daughter but for their own selfish purpose.
The role of parents is to guide, nurture, counsel, and support them in their journey with wisdom, and information that they need to make the right decision but not to push their children to where they may end up struggling for the rest of their lives.

**I had a session with the couple and I'm hopeful that things will be resolved in no distant future.

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