Saturday, September 10, 2016

Should I Lodge in A Hotel With Him?

Good pm ma
I met a guy online, we fell in love with each other. He stays abroad. Now he wants to come back, he said I will have to come and stay in the hotel he will lodge so that we can get to know each other better.
But I didn't buy the idea. I told him come to my aunt's house so that we can stay there and talk because I am currently serving in Bayelsa. I need to travel down to my aunt's place.
He is not happy with the idea. He said, how can we know each other for few hours. Ma, I don't want to go to the hotel because he said I will stay for some days with him. And staying together can activate our sex hormones. He made plans of paying my bride prize. He said he needs to hustle more before coming back fully to pay it. He is nice guy. He has vision. I love his attributes. Ma please is it right to go meet him like he said? Thanks in anticipation

For your safety and security, please do not under any circumstances go to a hotel to host a man you have never seen before in the name of love.
The promises he made on the social media is not enough to tag him an angel or to lose guard of some individuals who are out to have sex with unsuspecting and naive girls.
If he really want to know more about you, he should visit your village and make enquiries about your family and your kindred. If he's really interested in paying your bride prize, then there's no need for you to lodge with him in a hotel room for days when he can prepare with his family and come for an official introduction and traditional wedding.
He may have good intentions just like you feel but please let him put his good intentions to good use by respecting your decision to come to your aunt's house.
Even if he stays for years with you in the hotel, both of you can't know each other and as far as I can tell, he's only out to have sex with you and then give you excuses later.


  1. He is nice guy.
    He has vision.
    I love his attributes.
    ......You mean you confirmed all of the above online? Even without meeting him,nor investigating him? The 'online world' is a virtual world. It is not 'really real'. Can't you discern his Value System? Are you not concerned about it? What assurance do you have that who he says he is,is really who he is? Be single but not stupid. RECEIVE SENSE! #qdDOWNLOADS

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  2. Don't fall too cheap for him,get to know him first before anything like sex can happen.


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