Saturday, September 10, 2016

Avoid Evil Counsel in Your Relationship

I see people call friends and family members to seek their opinion on marital and other life issues. A woman picks up her phone to ask a man or woman what he thinks about her husband. A man picks up his phone to know what another woman or man thinks about his issues with his wife.

You are deceiving yourself because it can only take a heart that is touched by God to tell you the truth you need to know. Many are jealous of your home; always have this in mind. Many wish you evil even when you call them friends and they act to be one. Many can't wait to see that your marriage crumble. You laugh, wine, and dine with them, but their hearts are evil towards you. All they will offer you are advice to
hurt and scatter your marriage or relationship with in-laws, siblings, and parents.

A man I know was consistently referred to as 'chairman' by his many boys and "frienemies". Little did he know that they were envious of his very peaceful home and the godly wife he had. Even his own blood brother was envious of his success and would stop at nothing to pull him down. He listened to them. He listened to the many speaking voices against his marriage. He gave heed to the wrong counsel of Ahitophel. He lost his wife and children, lost his wealth, and now, the friends are gone. A mutual friend of ours recently told me how he sat somewhere, together with those "frienemies" only for them to be laughing at his stupidity for losing a good woman. Don't forget; they were the same people who led him into destruction.

Another woman I know was encouraged by bad friends to go fight the husband's girlfriend. This loyal wife, in her hurt, harkened to the voices of destruction. She went to the husband's office and while he tried to fight the girl, the husband got up and gave her the beating of her life. She lost her three months pregnancy and the man finally married his girlfriend. Now, who is bearing the brunt?

As an employee, many are pushing you out of your place and you are listening to them. A young pastor was going to leave the ministry he served under. His reason was that the wife of the  senior pastor didn't like him. As I stood with him, I saw those "miserable comforters" coming to support his decision to leave and promising to go with him. I looked at him and said, "these people will not go with you, they are going to abandon you, stay where you are". Well, he did not listen to me as my words made no sense at that particular point in time. But it would, later, when they all abandoned him and till today, he's struggling in ministry.

Be wise. That you hangout with them doesn't mean they are your friends. That they profess love doesn't mean they love you. Be careful. What they tell you is not what they do in their own homes. How they tell you to run your business isn't how they run their own. How they tell you to treat your mother-in-law isn't how they treat theirs. How they tell you to treat your husband isn't how they treat theirs. How they tell you to treat your wife isn't how they treat theirs.

Jesus said, the children of the world are wiser than the children of the kingdom. You are safer talking to someone who does not know you or anything about you. Mind you; many will claim and act like they have no interest, but their hearts are evil.  If you cannot talk to a counselor or your religious leader (some religious leaders don't tell you the truth because of selfish interests), talk to God about issues in your life and home. He is the best friend you can ever have.

The heart of man is deceitful and desperately wicked, who can know it?
I pray for you today that God will expose every Judas around you. I pray that God will raise you people whose hearts He has touched. I pray that every counsel of Ahitophel against your life, relationship, and marriage be brought to nought in Jesus name.

And now, may the Lord bless you. May He cause His face to shine upon you and give you rest.

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  1. AMEN, Thank you so much Aunty Amara for this write up, it blesses me, may GOD help us all to be wise as serpent.


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