Wednesday, September 7, 2016

When Should I Tell Him About My Status?

Good evening Aunty Amara, thanks for the good works you are doing on Facebook. Recently I met someone I really like, am HIV positive and I don't know the best possible moment to tell him about it. I feel like just saying it and get it over and done with.

If he accepts me, fine and good, If not I move on, guess am used to the stigmatisation by now but it still hurts when you tell people and they look at you as though you have been promiscuous. Thank you

Truth is many are ignorant of the disease, and that is why they stigmatise anyone who is infected with HIV. 
It's a difficult experience for anyone and no matter how much you wish to pretend to be happy, sometimes you may feel hurt and lonely. 
Your best option is to live and love yourself irrespective of anything that comes your way. 
Your greatest challenge isn't being rejected by others but accepting yourself and loving yourself beyond the opinions of others. 
With anti retroviral drugs, you can still live to the fulness of your passion and vision for your life, and still fall in love with a man who won't look at your status and condemn you, but will look at your heart and appreciate you for who you are. 
When people define you based on the disease in your body, it's obvious that they have no idea who you are. 
As regarding your partner, please tell him your status as soon as he declares his intentions to you, and always make it a point of duty to let any and every partner in your life know your status. 
So that they can decide whether to continue with the relationship or move on with their life. 
Love is strong enough to conquer any stigmatisation, and if you believe, you can still experience beautiful relationship and marriage even with your status. 
Always remember that I am proud of you and I believe that you can live beyond the perception of others.

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