Saturday, October 22, 2016

Am Afraid Of Leaving My Church.

Aunty Amara sorry I have to disturb again. I sincerely from the bottom of my heart appreciate your advise and your concern. I have a challenge ma, please help me . 
Sometime ago you wrote an article on how young women refuse their prospective suitors because of church. I looked for that write up but couldn't find it. Ma I am in a similar challenge. I'm in love with a guy, when I knew him he was catholic, he told me that he does not like to worship there anymore that he finds peace worshipping with Christ embassy. 

He is God fearing and his zeal is amazing, I am a catholic my whole family inclusive. I have always told God that I do not want to marry a man who is not God fearing but just a routine church goer. I have had a suitor from my church once who attends church but the fear of God very distant.
Recently, I got a proposal from a catholic brother who is God fearing but we could not move on because of genotype. Now another one is asking for a very serious relationship but he attends a different church. 
I am worried not because he is not upright but afraid to leave my own sect that is the Catholic faith. Please this might sound simple but internally I will really need your word of advise as my aunt to help me through this. I am really confused. 
To make issues a bit complicated, I have another Catholic brother asking for my hands in marriage but I don't love him. Please help me ma please, so sorry I sent it late the thought kept me up. Thanks ma

In heaven there is no church, no regional headquarters, no pastor, Pope, Bishop, archdeacon, Imam, prophet or parish priest. What we have in heaven are the saints of God who worship him from eternity to eternity. 
Here on earth, there is no church that is the perfect or the best, and the church that an individual attends is not what makes him or her a Christian, rather it is her life outside the church that determines who he worships.
So the real question is what is more important to you as an individual? If you want to remain in Catholic Church where you're comfortable with, then you may need not go ahead with your partner who attends Christ embassy. 
If you wish to marry a man who has a personal relationship with God, and genuinely desires to please God in all his endeavours, if you really wish to enjoy your marriage and you desire a man who will make you experience heaven in your marriage, please do not allow religious sentiments to becloud your sense of purpose for your marriage. 
Church is not what defines Christianity, your knowledge of the word of God, your personal relationship with God, your obedience to his word, and your desire to walk with him is what defines Christianity, and if you are serious about marrying a man who have a personal relationship with God, and not one who attends church programmes but his life is far away from him, then you won't hold unto your church but will allow the word of God to guide your footsteps.

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