Saturday, October 22, 2016

Where Are Good Guys Hiding?

Good afternoon ma, how's the family?
When I read about guys complaining on how some girls jilt them. I begin to wonder where the good guys are hiding?
Why they are not seeing me?
Ma, sometimes am scared. I know marriage isn't the ultimate but I wish to have a genuine relationship.

Is this lady describing your feelings too? Have you lost your peace of mind and it seems as though you're chasing after marriage?
Do you feel rejected that you are now looking for a man who will accept you?
If you are experiencing these feelings, please cheer up and be positive. One the greatest gifts you need as a single lady or man is not a partner but a peace of mind.
Men may come and go, but you need to be at peace with yourself. A lady may take advantage of your emotions but it doesn't mean that you should plunge yourself into chaos.
Get hold of your emotions, appreciate yourself, be happy and love yourself with reckless abandon. Give no room for low self esteem nor should you feel inferior because you don't have a partner in your life.
God have promised to give you your own partner, hold unto him and live to the fullness of your passion and dreams.
It may tarry but it must surely come to fulfilment.
Cheer up, and don't lose hope in yourself and in God.

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