Sunday, October 23, 2016

Is She Suitable For Marriage?

Good day ma, thank you for the way you've been bringing emotional relief to people. May God continue to increase you. I have a nagging problem which I will like you and your fans to advise me on.
I'm in a relationship with a 27 year old lady.
We love each other so much and we are planning towards marriage. The problem started last week when she told me she has slept with twenty four men. I was shocked because I'm still a virgin. Though I was able to put that behind me.
However, my question now is: Is such a lady suitable for marriage? Will she be able to stay with one man? I tried to find out how the number got so high and she gave me several reasons such as money, foolishness, trying to pay for good done to her etc.
Please advise me, I love her so much but I don't want to suffer heartbreak in future. Thanks

It is not our righteousness that qualifies us, it is the graciousness of God to human race. She might have slept with many men but it doesn't mean that she's beyond God's redemptive power and grace. 
What she told you was her past, what you need to know now is who she is today, and who she desires to be tomorrow. 
I am glad that you kept yourself for your wife, it is commendable but it doesn't mean that those who were unable to keep their body for their spouse are no longer fit for marriage. 
All you need to do is grow in love, knowledge and understanding with her, deepen your communication with her, and find out what are her vulnerabilities as an individual so that you can support her and grow together with her. 
If she has been faithful to you, honest with you, supportive, genuine and committed to you, I believe that she will still be faithful even after wedding. For her to open up to you and go in details of her past shows how much she believes in you and how much she desires to be part of your vision. 
Commit everything to God in prayers and ask that he reveal the things that maybe ambiguous to you to avoid venturing into marriage with a partner who doesn't have the virtues that you desire in your life.

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