Sunday, October 23, 2016

He Complains Of Having Bruises On His Penis.

Good day ma, thanks for the wonderful job you're doing to save some relationship and marriage, God will reward you abundantly.
I sent a message about my boyfriend sometime last year that we dated for nine years without him proposing nor taking care of me. With God's help and your advise he changed to a nice man and our wedding is coming up by December,
but aunty the major issue that is eating me up is that anytime we have sex, he complains of having bruises on his penis. With that he will stop having sex with me, at times he do complain that my vaginal is tight and all that.
Aunty this thing is really making me go mad, without him making love to me how will a be able to raise my own children, and anytime this thing happens, it always leads to quarrel.
Ma sometimes sperm will swim out from my vagina, will all these problem makes me conceive? Please ma advise me, am confused and I feel like cancelling the wedding.
Ma what do you think I can do?

The only challenge I have with you is that you are putting the cart before the horse by lunching into sex before marriage(that is if he hasn't paid your bride prize). But then again it's your choice though it's not the appropriate thing to do. 
You shouldn't be worried and terrified by what you're experiencing. Your partner is experiencing pains and bruises because your vagina is not well lubricated for thrusting thereby increasing the frictional force and making the vaginal wall look so hard for the penis. 
This could be because there's little or no foreplay before thrusting (Read about foreplay here ) or that you don't produce enough lubrication that is needed for penetrative sexual intercourse. 
So the first thing I will encourage you to do is to prolong foreplay so that he can wake you every part of your body. Let him focus on your erogenous zones, the nipples, the ears, the clitoris, the buttocks, the spine, the lips and every other place that tickles that lady in you. 
You clitoris will bounce with excitement and yearn for her older brother the penis. Now if you check your vagina and it's not as wet as possible, please get a water based lubricant handy and apply some on his penis and your vaginal wall. That will solve the problem of penis bruises and pains. 
As for your vaginal tightness, please encourage your partner to thank God because a lady with a tight vagina will always make the penis yearn for sex every now and then. He only needs to be patient and slow so that the vagina will get adjusted to the penis and allow both of you to rock your boat as you desire. 
After sexual intercourse, not all sperm will find its way to the womb, some will slip off and pour out. For those who are trying for a baby, it's always advised for them to stay for some time on the bed after sex so that enough sperm would have entered to the womb before leaving the bed. Also they are encouraged to put a pillow under their buttocks to elevate the buttocks and make the sperm travel pretty fast to the womb. 
After having sexual intercourse with your partner, you wear a pant liner so that the sperm doesn't mess up everywhere.
I won't encourage you to cancel the wedding because of this, I just feel that both of you needs some time to understand your body and enjoy sexual intimacy with each other. 
You will have your own children when both of desire to have them, for now enjoy sexual intimacy and stop worrying over nothing.

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