Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Boyfriend Is Acting Strange.

Good morning ma'am, please I have something to tell you and my story goes like these. 
I have these guy that I met on social media Facebook, so both of us were getting on well on all social networks, even phone calls, and sometimes he doesn't call me I will call. We have been doing online relationship for one year and eight months now. I love this guy no question about that despite fact that we haven't met before because he is not based here in Nigeria, and according to him he hasn't been home for two years now. 

But my reason for writing to you is that, this same guy stopped me from uploading pictures on my Facebook walls for months now so that guys wouldn't comment on it, this same guy will go to my Facebook page, check on my lady friends and send them request to chat them up privately, but when I ask, the only answer I get is did they tell me he sent request to them? This guy am talking about will like me to be submissive to the point that I will have to use his display picture for my WhatsApp profile picture, but he will never try that. 
Each time we have misunderstanding, the only effort he makes is to upload a woman's pics on WhatsApp but when I see all these I keep calm not because what he did was right or I don't have the right to ask questions, rather I see it as stupidity and sense of immaturity. 
Lastly is money, since I have known him I have never in my life eaten a dime of  his one naira, not like I have but rather I try to respect myself on demands from him not until last month when I opted that he send me even the little that he can afford to enable me enroll into a makeup training school since am to undergo one year industrial training before going back to school. He gave me a date when he was supposed to send the money and starting from the day I asked for the money till the time he promised me, his attitude changed. 
He hardly calls me, I still called but if he picks, he will say I will call you back am busy and he never calls back, he sees me on WhatsApp he hardly talks to me, I still chat him up. Three days after he was supposed to send the money, I didn't call to ask of it nor did I try to remind him again rather I kept my cool. After waiting for two weeks for the money, I still played a good girl and continued to talk with him as if nothing happened, later I uploaded a new picture on my WhatsApp display picture, he saw it and was like so I have pictures to upload on WhatsApp than to send to him. I ignored and sent him two of my pictures but he told me to keep it that he doesn't need it. He started making troubles with me, sent series of messages which I ended up neglecting, and the one that drove me crazy was him calling me a stupid girl and that I should block him on all social networks up til now I have not heard from him and I didn't bother checking.

Dear heavenly father I pray that you deliver your beautiful daughter from the hands of time wasters, give her your wisdom and understanding to help her decipher those who are fake from those who have genuine intentions in her in Jesus name Amen.

I have no idea how he succeeded in kidnapping you even when you haven't seen him for almost two years but I thank God who saved you still. 
To imagine that a man you haven't met could control every aspect of your social media platforms and life was indeed the height of the madness called love. 
I have always reiterated that what anyone needs to be in any part of the globe is money and not man or aboard boyfriend. If you wish to travel around, work hard and save some money for your trip, but avoid getting hooked with a social media account that you have no idea whether he's in Nekede town in Imo state and claims to be in New York city. 
Meeting individuals on social media is no problem but please if after six months of being friends with him or her, there's no definite plans to meet the individual behind the profile, please move on with your life and forget about that person. 
If the love is genuine, then it's important to make things real and not waste your time and emotions trying to build what will never stand the test of time. 
Thank God for saving you though, please release yourself from him and recover all your social media accounts. Please there's no need to inform him of your decision because it's not necessary, just move on with your life and don't turn back. 
Go for real, responsible men, if you don't mind, try men in your area with great vision, they're a lot better than 'abroad' men that you have no idea who they're or what they're into.


  1. In fact am short of words, indeed this is the height of it. Amara amen to your prayers jare! Are you from nekede in Imo amara?

  2. nawao!!! some issues marvel me!! as anty amy advised without delay!!may God deliver us from time wasters!!!

  3. If this guy lives in Nigeria,I doubt if you will still be alive to share your story by now.Please take a dash race.

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