Monday, October 24, 2016

Should We Forget The Card Or Accept His Idea?

Please ma help us with this ...
My husband and I wants to print a card for a wedding but his dad and mum gave birth to him when they were young but didn't marry each other.
The father said he can't put his mum's name that people will think that he married two wives while his mum is saying that he has to put her name and it's causing headache on our part.
Please what are we to do? Should we forget the card or go with my father-in-law's idea?

To start with, this invitation card is not inviting your father-in-law and mother-in-law to your wedding because they're part of the wedding already.
Secondly, this has little or nothing to do with your in-law's perception but your husband's personality.
The name that should be on the card is the name of his father and his mother, whether they got married or not is immaterial here.
What matters most is that he's informing the world of his true identity and the very foundation that brought him to life.
If his father is not comfortable with his decision, he should leave him to his own decisions and not impose himself on his son.
If printing of invitation cards will be a problem, then maybe both of you should forget about invitation cards and do your wedding as you have planned to.

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