Saturday, October 8, 2016

Am I Holding Unto Him For The Wrong Reasons?

Good morning ma, I am a lady with a good legal career and family background.  I am a Christian and totally favoured by God. I have been dating this guy since 2014 and we are totally in love. I have had two abortions for him cos he said he is not ready for us to start a
family yet until he sets up his business.  He works and earns though but don't think we can even start with that.
Am very pretty, industrious and totally hard working but am afraid I might have just been patient and held unto this guy for the wrong reasons, and that I am not making a good choice for myself.  We are totally cool but I sincerely need a mother/sisterly advise and counseling.
Everyday very good men come around me but I chase them far because of him. He hasn't met any of my family members concerning our relationship, even though he knows almost of them and pally with them. I need a graceful advice.

I know that you need a graceful advise but I'm terribly pained because according to you, you have a good legal career and you are also a Christian. What does love have to do with aborting two beautiful generations??? You know that abortion is both illegal and immoral, but you have removed two babies from your life, daughter, that hurts deeply. 
I am not judging you but if a man is not emotionally, financially, and mentally prepared for marriage or pregnancy, he should bury his penis inside his boxers and not in your vagina, that too is not called love but fornication. 
The painful part is that he may end up leaving you for another lady after all these unnecessary sacrifices for him. 
What exactly is his plans for the relationship? Just know that if you're not married to him, there's no guarantee here. 
How much will he earn before getting married? And how long are you going to wait for this marriage to become a reality?
I may not know how young you are but please don't allow a blind man to lead you into a ditch in the name of love, because he may survive with minor bruises but you may be totally crushed in the end. 
I will suggest that you sit him down and put things in the right perspective so that you can decide whether to continue with him or move on with your life. 
Again, anyone who encourages you to abort actually hates you as a person, but I guess both of you only proved one point, that you have no regard for a sacred life. 
I pray that God will show mercy on both of you and help you to make the right decision at this point in your journey.

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