Saturday, October 8, 2016

I Am Broken, Torn And So Scared —Update!

I sincerely appreciate God for using you as a vessel to impact lives.
Over a month ago I sought for your advice over my domestic violence experience with my husband. Thankfully, I finally left with my kids. (Read here)
To cut a long story short, my hubby came to my parents with his folks (according to your
words - to renegotiate the terms and conditions of the marriage)... It's a month now, and the kind of peace and joy I experience that I had never gotten over my marital years is really sweet... We got invited to a Bible believing church that he is really passionate about, and I believe this is the beginning of greater things to come .

But the thing is, there is a woman pastor I usually fellowship with, that had been our confidant... I left without informing her, but my hubby called her .. She called me and warned me that I should never return to my marriage else whoever forced me to come back would be held responsible for whatever happens to me... (the same person that had strictly warned me that God hates divorce and I should endure whatever and be prayerful) It kind of set back the reconciliatory process but we pulled through.
When she saw me back she kept on, and on how she had been praying for me(though never called me to ask of my welfare till I came back) and started the usual sermon of God hates divorce... But if she was the one, she can stab whoever is eating her peace at the middle of the night.
Anyways, my hubby told me that during counseling she told him never to confide totally in me, and said some things against my family as a 'revelation' .... Things I confided in her to seek advice...
We have both been given conflicting advises by this pastor, which could have contributed somewhat to my marital challenges....
My husband said he never wants to see her anywhere around me and God knows we have sowed a fortune to that her ministry, but in all, all glory and praise belongs to God!

Thank God for delivering you from the counsel of the wicked. Sometimes when I talk about some of these hungry fake pastors and prophets, I am tagged an enemy of the church, but I have chosen a noble path to please God and share only the truth and nothing but the truth with you. 
If you choose to heed to it, you will be set free but if you wish to continue in your ways, well you're free to share your experience with me when you're through.
Thank God for intervening in your marriage, thank God for transforming the heart of your husband. Now is the time to fortify your marriage with prayers and the word of God.
As both of you grow in the knowledge of the word of God, you shall experience greater glory in your marriage. Build your family alter, seek the face of God, quit seeking the face of fake pastors, and trust the Holy spirit to reveal God's purpose in your marriage. 
Thank God who have begun this great work, indeed he's faithful and will heal your marriage in Jesus name Amen.
God bless you and your husband, and I pray that there will never be any form of physical violence in your marriage in Jesus name Amen.

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