Friday, October 7, 2016

Am Tired of Crying Every Time.

I met this guy in 2011 at age 18, and we started dating in 2012, but shortly after he travelled out of the country and all along it became a distant relationship and everyday I grow deeply in love with this guy, because am always happy whenever am talking with him.
Recently, in July precisely we had an issue over a word he said "he can't marry someone like me"
that's because I travelled out of Nigeria and was into prostitution (I wouldn't want to lie to you cos I need help), so we broke up......
I still believe in myself that I can be a better person but my pain is that It hurts me to see the only man that I have ever loved leaving. Am not angry and am not blaming him for his decisions but I want to move on, am tired of crying and looking at his picture every time.
I can't stop myself from calling him, what do I do to get him off my head so I can love again because I believe he has moved on and gotten over me, so I need to do the same.

No single human being is without a flaw, a past, a mess, and a mistake. We have at some point in our journey made a decision that wasn't good enough, and even in our miserable state we still receive God's grace to make amend, to repent, to return to the right path, and recreate our future. 
Anyone who judges you based on your past is only myopic about your personality and God's purpose in life. You don't need to remain in your past when you can embrace God's grace and compassion in your life. 
The first thing I will suggest that you do is accept yourself, take responsibility for your decision and indecision. You travelled abroad and went into prostitution because at that point, that was what seemed best for you to do. 
Today you have realised your mistakes, and you understand that you can appreciate your body by not offering it for a few dollars while your soul perish. 
Return to God, confess your sins and limitations, ask for forgiveness and choose from today to live a life of purpose, a life of impact, a life that is pleasing to God. 
Christianity is not a fellowship of perfect humans who have not offended God in their life but a fellowship of sinners who were redeemed by the blood of the lamb, and restored by God's grace for his own glory. 
Embrace the word of God, worship him with all humility and sincerity of heart. No man will love you as much as God does because even in your limitations and rebellion against him, his love was made manifest in your life. 
Surrender your all to God, stop viewing yourself based on your past but view yourself based on God's word for your life. Your partner left because he thought that there's nothing good in your life, God will never leave you because he made you in his image and likeness and his heart desire is to see you live to the fullness of his purpose for your life. 
The God who rescued you from prostitution is able to favour you with your own husband who will never look down on you or judge you based on your past but will accept you and support you in all your endeavours. 
You're the reflection of God's grace in your journey, and God saved you because he has a better plan and purpose for your life. Delete his contacts, pictures and anything that reminds you of him, and replace him with the man who knows you much more than you know yourself, the man who loves you more than anyone else, and a man who will never fail to fulfil his promises for your life.
Release your boyfriend from your heart and allow God to give you a man who will love your imperfect personality and accept you without condemning or criticising you.

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