Thursday, October 27, 2016

Can't Wait Anymore, Please Help!

Good evening ma'am, thanks for your good works so far, you have really saved lives, may God continue to reward you, Amen. My name is .... I am 30 years, three years in marriage. Please ma'am, I really need your help and it is urgent because I am totally confused and don't know what to do. I can't even pray any longer because I have cried, prayed, fasted, attended healing programs held in churches, gone to several hospitals for treatment and counselling, but all these seem not working, I am just wishing for a miracle.

Ma'am, I believe God can use you to help me. Three years ago, I was diagnosed of Ovarian cyst, doctors said that the only remedy to it is removal through surgery. Some weeks after the discovery, I was getting ready for the surgery when my mum called and told me that her pastor gave her a prophecy concerning me. She said that her pastor said that I shouldn't go for surgery, that if I do, my enemy would die in the process. He said that the sickness is not ordinary(i.e it is a spiritual issue) and has to be handled spiritually with prayers.
Note: I never told my mum about the doctor's report until she gave me this message. We decided to pause to seek the face of God.
Since 30th October 2013 till now, we have been praying with the help of other men of God and caring brethren, going for repeated scan in different hospitals; I have also been trying herbs, suggested drugs that could treat it and foreign supplements to know if I would at least get pregnant through the eggs produced in the other ovary.
Aunty Amara, do you know that instead of getting better, both ovaries(left and right) got affected with multiple cyst. The issue now is that, all the men and women of God I have gone to see concerning this, keep telling me not to go for surgery, I should wait on God, that it is the handiwork of the enemy. But to be frank ma, I am tired...fed up...almost feeling hopeless... I have made up my mind to go for the surgery, at least to be free from constant pains and bleeding... But I am also scared... Help me please.
Each time I look at my loving and caring husband(first son of his parents), I can feel his pain, even though he tries hiding his feelings from me  and keeps encouraging me to hold on and wait on God's time. But I can't wait anymore, I really want to carry our babies. Please forgive me for the long write up. Thanks, as I am hoping to receive help from you and your wonderful fans.

When you need to understand the word of God and divinity, you consult men of God or pastors because that's what they're trained in, but when it has to do with your health, your body and your system, please consult a medical doctor who is trained in that profession. 
Medical doctors were trained to understand the workings and workability of each and every part of your body. They understand the implications of every anomaly and they're in the best position to suggest ways to tackle them. 
What is a cyst? 
When you boil an egg and it perhaps cracks, you will notice that there will be whitish stuff that will sprout out from the cracked body of the egg. 
That is exactly what cyst is in a woman's ovary, for every menstruation, some part of the egg or ovum will settle in the womb of the woman. 
Depending on the size and location, it may affect your chances of conceiving. If the size is small, it can be dissolved with drugs but when it's perhaps sizable, it's always advisable to go for an operation. 
This doesn't take years and it's not something that you should panic or be worried about. 
Stop visiting men of God and engaging in self medication, simply prepare and go for a surgery and clear your womb so that you can conceive and have children for your husband.
Nothing will happen to you, you won't die in the process and no weapons fashioned against you or your husband shall prosper in Jesus name Amen. 


  1. Ovarian cyst is most atimes benign(non-cancerous),but in some rare cases becomes malignant(cancerous)
    Another complication of untreated ovarian cyst is ovarian tursion,though rare but is acrued to untreated ovarian cyst,this could lead to a twist in the ovary and cut of in blood supply to the ovary which could lead to its death(permanent infertility).nne for ur own good and for the love of ur husband,pray about ur sucess in the surgery and proceed for it.
    i have had a situation like this before,a woman i was suppose to take into the theatre for cesarean section because labour was not progressing and baby is distressed .pastor said no that GOD said she will deliver normally for that we shouldnt do the surgery. nne after so many frictions between us and the pastor,only for us to open up this woman to find out cord wound round tightly around this babies neck.nne no jupital would have made that baby come out alive.she thanked me after the sugery.just pray and commit it into GODs hand,ask him to take the wheel.
    ruptured cyst can also cause an intense pain and internal bleeding which could be very dangerous.


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