Thursday, October 27, 2016

When Last Did Your Wife Experience Orgasm?

When last did your wife thank you for making her go gaga in bed? When last did you give your wife a sexual experience that left her blushing, humble, selfless and generous to you? 

One of the greatest limitations in enjoying the best of sexual intimacy is actually in our attitude to sex and our selfishness during sexual intercourse. 
A man grabs his wife because he wants to satisfy himself, and once he's satisfied, he doesn't even care whatever happens to his wife. 
For some women, they have no option but to believe that orgasm is not possible or attainable or something to be desired during sexual intercourse. 
Men always experience orgasm because their sexual satisfaction begins with their eyes and it then connects to the penis and once they ejaculate, they're satisfied but for women, it's a bit more than just kissing, grabbing her breast and thrusting until you're tired. 
The purpose of this article is to explain in the simplest terms what orgasm is for women and how you can give your wife an explosive sexual experience. 
Sex is a pleasurable job, one that is best enjoyed when you work as a team. 
Women can fake sexual satisfaction but it is left for you as a man to pay attention to her body and her mind to make sure that you're not thrusting in vain. 
For a woman to experience orgasm, she needs to be relaxed, happy, and comfortable your personality.
If you approach your wife and she's not comfortable or relaxed with making love to you, please don't push it because you will only work hard and achieve nothing. 
When she's relaxed and calm, connect to her mind by showering love and affection to her. As you do this, you will notice that her nipples is getting engorged and as a result the nipples becomes hard. 
Her breathing pattern will change with your touch, and her clitoris will be dancing or bouncing to your gentle touch, while her vaginal walls gets wet for the thrusting. 
If you desire to connect with her, you may consider missionary position, but if you want to connect with her g-spot, you may need to explore doggy position. 
If she's not wet during foreplay, kindly get a water based lubricant and apply it on your penis and the walls of her vagina to make thrusting easy and stress free for you. 
Now pay attention to the rhythm of her body more than you do to her moaning and her screaming. Some women are professionals in faking orgasm and sexual satisfaction but there are so many things her body cannot fake. 
As you thrust gently and slowly, and increase your pace with time, you will notice that her vagina will start closing up gradually as though it wants to grab your penis. Now, that's actually her way of getting closer to orgasm. 
If as a man you keep thrusting and you don't feel anything from her, maybe you're not striking the right cords. 
Her vagina is getting engorged with blood making the walls to swell up and grab the penis. 
At that point, you can increase your thrusting frequency and then observe her reaction. For some ladies, she may start vibrating or breathing faster, her pupil will be dilating and from her expression you can tell that she's enjoying your efforts. 
Her vagina will try to grab the penis and as you continue thrusting, both of you will definitely land in paradise of sexual satisfaction. Stimulating her g-spot, clitoris and the vagina at the same time will definitely give you a mind-blowing effect.
This is not to put pressure on you or push you into competition with your wife but tips that will guide you when making love to your wife. 
The more she enjoys sexual intimacy with you, the more you're winning her closer to you because every lady desires a man that will make her feel like a woman and also look forward to sexual intercourse. 
So don't just go out for self satisfaction but strive to satisfy your wife and you will experience the most romantic part of your wife. 

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