Friday, October 21, 2016

How Do I Convince My Mum To Accept Her As My Wife?

Dear AVL, firstly I want to commend you on your amazing efforts targeted at reviving broken homes and shattered relationships. I am 29 years old guy from Kogi State, my first experience with opposite sex was terrible, this made me to embark on long time break, although I wasn't in love then but lust and youthful stage exuberant.

When I gained admission to University, God saw me through without indulging in any relationships for over five years, I was posted for NYSC in 2012. During the course of serving my fatherland, I met a lady I admired so much, though she was an SSCE holder then but I believed she has a bright future ahead of her.
We started dating and as God will have it she enrolled for Jamb and gained admission to College of education. I love her so much, I haven't seen a lady so committed and truthfull like her in my life. Her first visit to my place was wonderful and it happened during my younger sister's wedding.
It was after her visit that my aunts started saying bad things about her tribe, I wasn't moved because my parents together with my siblings like her. Moreover I noticed that recently my mum has stopped loving her, this almost caused a problem between us. I like my mum so much.
I cheated on my girlfriend without her knowledge in order to please my mum because she has been so supportive in my academic pursuit. I fell in love secretly with my tribal girls but things didn't work out between us. It was when I dated three girls from my tribe but things didn't work out that I retraced my steps.
My girlfriend has never cheated on me for one day, she has been so supportive also in my academic pursuit, I tried all I could to push her away but it didn't work. I am planning to marry her very soon but how will I convince my mother to accept her as my wife? Your advice is highly needed please.

The first thing that you need is self conviction before the approval or support of another individual. The reason is simple, you are the one who will live with your wife, you are the one who knows what you're looking for in your wife, and you're the only one who can tell the virtues and values that you desire in your wife. 
I understand that you appreciate your mother for her support and selfless sacrifice in your life as her son, but remember that your mother is first the wife of your dad before she became your mother. 
What that means is that you need to consider the lady who will fit into your purpose and vision as an individual before thinking about what others feel or think about her personality. 
She may come from an unfriendly tribe but it doesn't define her personality and attitude as an individual. There's no need chasing all the ladies when you can work with your partner and let the whole world know why you can't marry any other lady except her. 
Your mum may feel unhappy or uncomfortable with your decision for a short time but getting married to a lady who is not your heart desire will keep you miserable for the rest of your life.
Once you have that inner peace, deep conviction, and fulfilment in your choice of partner, convincing your mother and siblings won't be difficult for you.

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  1. Better pikin! God bless you for your confession. Agaracha must come. You need no prophecy to confirm that she belong to you after all the cheating. Just speak to your mum. She will accept her by fire by force oh, let your mum also know that you have dated some girls from your tribe and it didn't work out 😍😍😍😍


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