Saturday, October 22, 2016

I Want My Girlfriend Back!

Big Aunty I am here with a troubled heart, hoping to find solutions from you. I don't know how to start writing it all down to worth posting but I only want to have my girl back. She picked an offense while I was telling her how her attitude has changed towards me since she got back school. Also the way she would only respond to me with words like: "okay, hmmm, have heard you" even when I ask her question. 

Aunty, I got frustrated and started pouring out my anger but Aunty you know what? She picked offence and stopped responding to me as this was happening on WhatsApp, from the 9th of October 2016 till now, she has not picked my calls. She blocked me on WhatsApp when I started calling on WhatsApp. The two persons I asked to help me talk to her, she ends up dropping and not picking anymore once they mention my name. When I call with a strange number she will drop, once she learns it is me, never will she pick. 
Aunty, please is this how they break up? I thought they will say it is over. I have sent her many sms pleading with her to forgive me but no response. I have also sent many sms telling her to tell me her decision: whether it is over or what, that she should be able to tell me something so that I will know my fate. But no response. I want to hear from her to be able to move on if it is over. I know I shall derive my strength from whatever she tells me even my worst fears. 
This is a girl I want to marry, we prayed before we started. Her family consulted several priests/prayer warriors who prayed and confirmed our relationship. My going to her in the first place was an act of God because I heard my spirit told me never to let her go that I would be missing my wife if I don't walk up to her. Everything worked perfectly through prayers. My association with her made her the woman she is proud of likewise me. The times I decided to leave because of her several decisions she always wake up to make, I will end up seeing her in my dream telling me not to that's it is okay. Aunty I want her back, help me because I feel she is being distracted. Thanks

Love is natural, effortless, sweet, lovely, beautiful, adorable, and desirable. We all respond to love and crave for love, it's not what you impose on anyone because you feel that they must appreciate it, rather it's a beautiful opportunity to create beautiful memories with an individual who share the same feeling with you. 
If a lady who you have invested your heart, emotions and time with, wakes up everyday threatening to go, desiring to quit, blocking you on her social media accounts, rejecting your calls and treating you like an object, please do not push it or force it, instead leave the door open and leave her to decide what she wants in her life. 
Maybe there's one small school boyfriend who is now turning her head or there's someone else who is getting maximum attention from her, and she feels that she can treat you as she feels like. I am saying that you deserve better than her attitude to you. 
Since she has refused and rejected every approach to communicate with her, kindly give her some space and stop choking her with love. Give her six months and don't call her again, don't even border to know about her wellbeing or what she's going through. 
If she's meant for you, she will come back when her memory has been reset but if she's not meant for you, you will continue to struggle and sacrifice to impress her while she will be controlling you and manipulating you at will. 
Love is like a food, those who are hungry never abuse it,  and those who doesn't need it never appreciates it.
So get your grooves on and focus on your vision and purpose in life. You have a great future to permit a lady to frustrate your life.
Let's watch as events unfold and find out the kind of partner you have been dealing with.

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