Saturday, October 22, 2016

Should I Forget Everything And Move On With My Life?

God bless you immensely for the good work you are doing. I have a challenge and I would love you to counsel me on what to do. My story goes like this, During my service year, that was 2013, actually that was the year I passed out from service. Within that period, I did a project management course. I met a young man there, I guess I liked him immediately. He asked me out and l accepted.
I thought he was a Corper like me. It was later on told me he wasn't a corper, he told me he was working on his result and that he will go that year. I felt bad. He also said I should give him two year because I told him I don't do long term relationship and I accepted. 
Aunty, do you know that till this moment he hasn't gone for service, he is doing nothing. I was teaching in a private school; but because of my mum's illness, I had to stop to take care of her. But my mum is fine now and l'm looking for a job. I turned 28 on August. 
I won't say he hasn't been good. I don't disturb him for money but he does his best, even the phone am using to type this message, he is the one that got it for me even when I never asked him to. I am in a state of dilemma. Lest I forget it is a distant relationship. The relationship is three years and six months. I am not happy with the way things are, I am thinking of forgetting everything. I am just tired of everything.

I will suggest that you sit him down and have a heart to heart discussion with him. Find out exactly what is going on in his life and what is his vision for himself and the relationship. 
Your mail sounds like a lady who is in a hostage with a stranger, and she doesn't know anything about him except all that he did for her. 
You need to stop observing and become part of his life, you need to get interested in his journey and then find out ways to be a blessing to his life. 
This will help you decide what's best for you to do, and how both of you can forge ahead with life and relationship. 
For him to try his best in your own words and also provide for you is an indication that he truly loves you and have good intentions for you. 
My suggestion is to work things out with him and then decide what's best for you to do.

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