Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How Do I Handle My Boss Without Insulting Him?

Greetings to you ma'am. May GOD richly reward you abundantly for the good work you are doing in relationships and marriages. This issue has been eating deep inside me going to three years now.
Am 27 years old working with my MD who is in his mid forties. I must tell you that this man really took me as his daughter and I also run errands for him like a father.
In the office, I am the one he normally call anytime he is hungry. I buy his food and serve him.
All of a sudden, he started making passes at me. I was shocked cos I never expected such a nonsense from someone I look up to as a father. As days passed into weeks, weeks into months, Auntie, it become a routine. He started asking me out, that he wants to hang out with me which I vehemently refused. He will call at odd times in the night, send text messages etc.
One day when I couldn't take it anymore, I raised my voice forgetting that he is my boss. After much dialogue that day, he asked me, 'haven't I tried for this my conscience?' Why won't I for once give him chance to treat me like a woman?' Chai!. I took a bold step and walked into his office one day and pleaded with him to please spare me, that I strongly believe in the sanctity of marriage, that he should stop disturbing me else I will resign if my services is no longer needed.
He pleaded that I should not resign just that he is too fond of me. But Auntie, am no more comfortable working with him cos anytime we badge into each other in the office, he will misbehave (trying to touch or kiss me). Am damn tired of all these nonsense!! Am not comfortable with it!!.
Auntie please guide me on how to tackle this in a more mature manner cos I don't want to insult him nor use wrong words on him cos of his behaviour. Rather I want to teach him that all woman are not the same. Thanks.

Your duty is not to teach him that all women are not the same because he may succeed in teaching you that every woman is only but a human being who is vulnerable to temptations.
Now that he's already weak and vulnerable to you, now that he seems lost and unable to control his emotions towards you, I believe that the only option left is to resign if you cannot resist his advances towards you.
Though your boss have reduced himself before you, you don't need to insult, abuse or disrespect him because he's still the one who pays your bills and supports your dreams.
Again, you have no idea what is his hidden plans to get into your laps, and how long you can cope with his pressure in his company. And knowing that there's virtually limited or no jobs out there, you need to humble yourself and plan your journey before taking any action.
Just like you did in the past, remind him that as long as you are in his company, that you cannot compromise on your convictions or reduce yourself to his sex object, and that if he cannot respect your decision on that, that you will resign and return back home.
Let him know that you appreciate his efforts and support, and that you are willing to give your best in your job but will never compromise by having any sexual relations with him.
If he continues to act strange or pressurise you to have sex with him, please drop your resignation letter and move on with your life. It may be a very hard decision to take but it's better to lose your job than to lose your integrity for money.

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