Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Boyfriend Hardly Communicates With Me.

Hi Amarachi Van-Lare, am always overwhelmed when reading about people talking about their relationship on your Facebook wall. I have issues with relationship, sometimes I think is going well but am not seeing anything positive from it.

My boyfriend hardly calls, gives excuses that he is always busy and sometimes comes up with excuses of out of airtime. Please I need your advise and what steps to take. Thanks

What anyone gives attention to is what is most important to them. If a man or lady who claims to love you is always busy with 'work', busy with 'things', busy with 'school', but never busy to 'sleep' or busy to eat, or busy to bathe, then I don't think that you mean so much to him as he claimed. 
If he claims to love you but can comfortably stay for hours, days, months, without reaching out to you, please kindly set yourself free from this bondage because he's sincerely not in love with you. 
So what I will suggest that you consider is to quit calling, quit texting, quit checking up on him, quit listening to his excuses and channel that energy to love yourself, you deserve it. 
If after thirty to sixty days he doesn't reach out to you, kindly move on with your life and present yourself in dating market. 
Don't allow anyone to make you beg for his attention or affection. If he can't effortlessly make out time to reach out to you, you're perhaps not as important to him as his words suggests.

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