Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Am In Love With A Married Man.

Hello ma, I have this serious issue am battling with for more than a month now. My problem is that am dating a married man since March this year. But now am not finding it funny with myself
because I can hardly pray nor even concentrate in church and me myself. I know I have been sinning against God which is just destabilising me.
No inner peace nor joy. Menh! I don't know but I don't have joy again. The most annoying part of it is that I so much love this guy. But the truth is that I can't continue living my life like this, am really not finding it funny again.
Please ma, what should I do to come out of this mess cos it is eating me up. Thanks.

To start with, you already know that dating a married man will bring a curse on you. You also know that by your action, you have become a threat to his marriage and his wife. 
It is more rewarding and healthy to remain single than to date a married man or lady. 
There's is no hard and fast rule to come out of the mess, you just need to listen to your conscience and decide to do what is right. 
Continuing with a married man will never be in your favour spiritually, psychologically and emotionally. 
Please decide from today to quit communicating with him, break every communication chain with him and stop seeking for his affection. Do not accept his gifts or give him the room to win your affection. If you see him coming, run from ten directions and don't look back. 
You're the one that will set yourself free from this mess, and the earlier you do that, the better.


  1. y a married man,there are so many good men who are single. u wud get married tomorrow and im sure you wont want anyone doin dat to u.cut off d relationship and ask God for your own man.

  2. it is not easy but you have to especially if he supply all your needs, just stop communicating with him, pray for forgiveness and guidelines and GOD will lead you. you have to let go cos he is not yours


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