Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Will I Be Able To Love Again?

Good evening here.. I'm one of your fans, please I don't understand why I don't love any girl after my break up with my ex... I have tried to love but I cannot, even when I see a pretty girl, one step close to her will dismiss my feelings entirely. I will rather discover that I love my mum, my sisters, and my brother more than myself.... 

I'm afraid if I will be able to marry hence I don't have love in my heart again... I complained this to my mum and she laughed at me saying that the day I will meet the right girl, I will discover that I have never been in love before, that time if she opposes me, I might even disown her, these were her words. If it continues like this I'm afraid I might spend my whole without a wife. 
When I complained to my aunty, she asked what happened that I broke up with my ex and if I had any covenant with her.... I told her yes, I swore to lover her till eternity but today we have separated... I'm still living in a fantasy world... 
Please what could be the solution to my problem.

For you to feel so heart broken and pained shows that you truly gave your best to your relationship and your partner, but maybe she never shared the same vision and future with you. Maybe she was distracted along the line or she was not emotionally and mentally prepared for rigors and challenges that comes with relationship. 
You need to appreciate yourself for taking the risk to love a lady. Truth is that though many wish to marry who they date, there are some realities, incompatibilities, and personal attitudes that may have a negative impact on the relationship which will directly or indirectly affect the outcome of the relationship. 
That your relationship failed doesn't mean that you are a failure or that you cannot meet another lady who will love your imperfect perfections and help you become the kind of man that God has designed you to be. 
You made a covenant to love her, that covenant is valid for all relationships, and to all individuals irrespective of the kind of relationship you share with them, but the very moment you pay the bride prize of a lady and exchange marital vows with your partner, that is when you have made a specified covenant of faithfulness, selfless love and devotion to her for the rest of your life. 
Since she felt that you were not good enough for her or that she didn't see the virtues and values that she desired in her husband, please do not lose your self esteem, your self worth, value, purpose and vision as a human being. 
Set her free from your heart, forgive yourself and forgive her if you still feel offended by her attitude, remember that you cannot force a lady who doesn't feel comfortable with you to remain with you. If she chose to move on with her life, please decide to move on with your life and trust God for your own wife. 
Make friends, build healthy relationships, let your life add value to those around you and consciously choose to love yourself. 
Avoid judging other ladies by your ex or feel that you will never succeed in a relationship with a lady. Not all ladies who look nice are nice and not all ladies who look hard are hard, get close, build a healthy friendship and allow time to reveal everything to you. 
True love will crush every fear and worries that you have about relationship and ladies, and I can assure you that you will definitely find love in no distant future, and meet that lady that will make you desire marriage.

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