Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How Do I Recover My Money From My Boss?

Dear Aunty Amara, I just need someone to pour out my mind to, to be relieved from the pain/hurt I'm feeling. Thanks aunty for always being there for us. Please is it a crime to help someone out of pity.
I worked for my boss for some months this year(as a stylist on contract). I'm the only stable person there, different people have come to work for her but they don't stay more than a month ( they say she's too strict).
Due to the fact that I don't want her to be stranded, I told her in July that I would stop in September ending due to some reasons which I explained to her{I told her so she'll get alternatives before I leave}.
I never knew that would be a very great mistake on my part, she refused to pay me promptly since then (this is someone that doesn't owe me before). I had to start begging for my money every time until I stopped last month.
As I'm writing to you now she's owing me N18000 ( which is a big sum of money to me now).
My questions are:
- Was it wrong for me to tell her I will stop at a particular time
- And how can I get my money back, should I involve a third party
- If I eventually work for someone else, should I just leave without notice (once beaten twice shy)
Thanks my dearest Aunty

What you did is the legitimate approach to disengage from any agreement with your employer (one month in lieu of your resignation). The only challenge is that there is no written agreement to support all that you wrote in your mail. 
Whenever you are engaging in any form of transaction that involves money or an agreement, please always have a written document duly signed and dated for reference purposes and for any resolution with your boss. 
In your case, since she have refused to pay your stipends after working for her, please involve either your parents or a pastor in the church where she worship. 
She won't be happy with your approach but she will definitely be worried about her reputation and will pay you. 
If after involving your family or a pastor she refuses to pay you, please leave her with the money and move on with your life. 
Anyone who owes others never experience peace and fulfilment in life. You don't need to pray for God to defend you.
Though it's a huge money, you're worth more than that and God will definitely create better ways of wealth creation for you.

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