Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I'm Worried About The Age Gap.

Hello, good day ma'am, I'm a lady of 32 years. A friend in my church used my phone to call someone( a guy) to come over to see my pastor for some jobs. After that day I wanted to make a call on my phone, and mistakenly called the guy's number which I apologized and hung up. 
This guy checked my number on WhatsApp and started chatting,
he said he would like to know me more, though he said he said he saw me the day he came to see my pastor not knowing my friend used my number. I didn't give him any reply. 
We finally met, talked at length and I realised that he is 24 years old, I was surprised cos he's tall and looking bigger than that age. So I told him it can't work, that am far older than him, but he wouldn't let me be, he keeps calling, texting etc. He says he is not bothered about the age, and his family can't dictate for him, that he loves me so much, I think I feel same but the age gap is my fear. 
Am a graduate and working, he's not yet done with school but works on his own, into IT and web designing, please I need your advice on this, thanks ma.

The age gap is not necessarily the major problem here but his maturity, and your willingness make this relationship work is what I'm worried about.
You love him and you believe that both of you can grow together in love. Here are few questions I feel that you should consider.
Will you humble yourself and submit to him in all entirety for the rest of your life, assuming that he genuinely wish to marry you? 
Will you be willing to allow him to be the leader of the relationship and you marriage? 
Will you listen to him, carry out what he tells you to do without struggling with his age and personality?
Are you willing to wait for him until he's ready for marriage? 
If you are convinced that you can humble yourself and ignore his age, then you may consider him. 
Again, you also need to weigh his intellectual capacity and mental maturity to be certain that you are not dealing with a man who is out to exploit your emotions, and leave you for another lady. 
Not all who come in the name of love genuinely have anything good to offer. Some are looking for business partners, sex partners, or relationship partners, find out what exactly he desires from you and then decide whether to continue with him or move on with your life.

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