Thursday, October 20, 2016

I'm Tired Of His Childish Attitude.

Good day ma'am,
I need your help. I'm 26yrs old.
I was in a relationship recently. The relationship started in 2014 and it was for marriage.
I'm an independent lady. I don't believe in asking people for money but if I have money in excess, I give freely.

Since the very first date in the relationship, I've always been footing the bills. I have done so much for this guy, I give him money for upkeep whenever he demands, I even went as far as giving him money for masters degree form.
In February this year 2016, I realized he was cheating on me with several other girls. I got angry and wanted to quit the relationship but I changed my mind and decided to give him another chance. But I stopped giving him money and taking lunch to his work. And I also stopped being the first to call or send him a message. And he practically disappeared into oblivion.
Since I've known him, I don't know any of his friend, not even one but I introduced him to most of my friends.
I saw him last in April and my major complaint was that communication between us is zero. If I don't chat or call him, he won't talk to me for weeks. And whenever he sends me a message, what he says is ' I need you in my life '
He kept bugging my friends and siblings telling them that he doesn't know what he did wrong to me.
Apart from the fact that he's a flirt, he is also very stingy. He has never bought me recharge card not even as a gift for my birthday and I've gone as far as buying him a phone, blackberry z10, he never appreciate.
Today I decided to talk to him and when I asked him what he thinks he has done wrong to me, he said 'he has not been showing enough love to me', he went further by telling me he wants to see me.
I actually wanted to call the relationship quits because I'm tired of his childish attitude but I don't want to do it over the phone. I want to tell it to his face.
Please help me out.
Thanks so much....

Since you wish to talk to him face to face, I think that it's a great idea and perhaps an ample opportunity for both of you to sit down and talk about the relationship.
Whatever becomes the outcome of this meeting will determine whether to continue with him or not.
Just a reminder, any man who takes you for granted in his life, doesn't deserve a beautiful heart like you.
Good luck.


  1. Wish I can get one with beautiful heart as yours.

  2. The only advice you need is walk away.He is still a Boy and I don't see his Leopard changing his spots.


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