Thursday, October 20, 2016

Should I Get Pregnant Before Introduction?

Hi, good evening ma. Please ma help me out here, my ex came back to me and asked for forgiveness but now the conditions he's bringing is kinda confusing to me, "he wants to marry me but I'll first get pregnant for him before he'll meet my people",
that he doesn't want to waste time anymore, he gets angry whenever l tell him to wait. 
Ma please just direct me on how to talk to him, and again he doesn't know how to say sorry whenever he's faulty. There's another of my friend that wants to marry me but he still live with his past experience, the girl he paid her dowry before he travelled to abroad, he found out the girl was dating a guy and she always collect money from him to the guy, now he gets pissed whenever l talk about money.. Thank you

Getting pregnant before marriage is not the appropriate criteria for getting married to a lady. It poses great risk and difficulties to the lady because there is no guarantee that he must marry her with her pregnancy. 
So if he can't pay your bride prize before getting married, I won't encourage you to accept his terms and conditions in your own best interest. 
Why exactly did you tell him to wait? What do you hope to achieve that if he marries you will be lost? If there are some weaknesses that you know that you cannot tolerate in marriage, please it's better and wiser for you to have a rethink than to get married to him and regret your decision.
For the second individual, please don't date or marry a man who is emotionally hurt or unavailable for a relationship.

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