Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Partner Hardly Apologises.

Hello ma
Good day to you. I commend you for the role you play in securing and establishing relationships. God bless you.
This isn't my account ma...but I believe you can give me advice on how best to manage my beautiful relationship of three years with my husband to be.

The challenge I have is my man hardly apologises. He believes he is always right. He says Jesus Christ never did so as a son of God, he is hardly ever wrong since he walks by the spirit of truth at all times.
Ma, I am always the one that have to apologise for every misunderstanding the relationship experience... I am tired of doing this.
It's true that I love him and that he loves me dearly too but how do I make this part of his personality change?
Since the past three years, he has only apologised once to me and he vowed not to do same ever again because according to him, the Holy spirit will always guide him, and he will never do anything to warrant him apologising .
Ma please what should I do?

I'm not kidding, your mail is really funny and hilarious at the same time. Never knew that we still have Jesus Christ living on earth.
Well, you are actually dating a perfect man who is mentally and emotionally not prepared for marriage, and you are the sinner who needs to repent of your sin and embrace his perfect personality.
Painfully you can't change him, besides what will you change in a man that is 'guided by the Holy spirit and is as perfect as Jesus Christ'?
You have two options, either to accept him and his perfection or leave him and his perfection, and trust God for a human being who understands that marriage is a journey of two imperfect individuals who desire to build a home where love prevails and not pride and self righteousness.

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