Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ladies Don't Find Me Attractive.

I'm 34, and haven't had sex in seven years. I'm currently trying to remedy the situation. I have a lot
of great friends who want me to succeed, and I've been focusing one my health and goals to be a better person.
I've actively been trying to go on dates, but I keep running into
the same problems... Women just don't seem to find me attractive. I often feel humiliated by this. I try over and over, and I feel like I'm getting no where.
It's a horrible feeling, and I want to stop feeling it. I'm not going to give up, but I always feel like I want to... I feel like a failure as a man and a human being. It's rough, but for whatever reason I keep trying.

Just like one of the tracks by Michael Jackson, you are not alone, there are some men who are struggling with figuring out how to win her heart and make her think of you every second.
It can be challenging especially when you look at a lady as a sex object, this is exactly what ladies hate, but if you understand the language of a lady, you will definitely get smarter and pretty successful in winning any lady of your choice.

So what are these languages that wows a lady's heart.

Ladies pay attention to how you look and how you present yourself. Every colour combination of your dress is a reflection of your emotions and ladies understand that anything dull is most likely to be boring, and that's a huge turn off to a lady.

No matter how rich or emotionally mature you are, the way you look matters to a lady. If you're not sexy, trust me she feels that you're trashy, so when dressing, make sure that you look your best, wear clothes that bring out the best of your body, wear great perfume or deodorants. It's sure a way to get a lady's attention.

God knew that if he gave ladies the qualities that will make them attracted to men by sight alone, men will greatly suffer from hypersensitivity of what ladies like.
But God gave ladies two pairs of ears with magnifiers to listen, internalise, and assimilate every little information they receive from others.
One of the greatest skills that you need to learn is how to communicate love to a lady. You must learn how to appreciate the imperfect personality of a lady, how to engage a lady in a discussion, and how to make a lady feel safe, comfortable and free with you.
This is actually what you can't learn from books but from constant practice and effective communication.
Ladies actually fall in love with men who can use their intelligence to express themselves and get her thinking of him.

Fun and Funny...
They all sound familiar and I can tell you that no lady will resist a funny man because to ladies any man who can make them feel happy have done seventy percent of the job. So when last did you talk to a lady and she complimented you by saying that you're funny.
You don't need to be outright boring by struggling to crack jokes, just being yourself and being downright creative and fun is what you need to keep the conversation going.
And when you're funny, it means that you're fun to be with.. Lol

Confident and Honest.
The first truth is that ladies are human being like you and she wish to hear the truth from you. The second truth is that the way you express yourself reveals how serious and desirous you are to be with her.
Every lady have heard I love you, or you're beautiful, or you're the best in the whole world. But every lady wish to see this love through your eyes, lips, and attitude to her. You can't be shy and afraid to express yourself and then expect her to go telling her friends about you.

Patience and Consistency..
This is an old rule and it still works up till date. If you genuinely love her, she may snub you, avoid you, ignore you or even abuse you, but remember, the more you shower her with love, the more you break her walls of fears and insecurities about your intentions.
So you don't just express yourself to one lady and if she doesn't give you a definite answer, you'll then change your mind or feel bad.

Create a friendly atmosphere where you can nurture a healthy relationship, focus on building healthy friendship, open environment for her to share her views and also understand your personality.

Please avoid intimidating a lady with marriage proposals, not all ladies have the capacity and maturity to manage such an information, some ladies take their time to open up and come out of their shell. So keep your age behind you and humble yourself to mingle with ladies so that you can make the best choice of partner at the end of the day.

So refine your approach and learn to take things a step at a time. Be a little patient, calm, relaxed, and free to learn as you search for your wife.
Don't be in a hurry to have a woman to avoid getting married to a lady that you are not comfortable with.
You will definitely find a lady who will love you and appreciate your personality irrespective of your shortcomings.

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