Monday, October 3, 2016

Is It Right For a Christian To Use Sex Toy?

Hello ma'am, help I need an answer to this question which one of my friend wants to know if it is right for a Christian who is married but her husband don't touch her I mean sex in at least two or more months to purchase toy penis?  

Her husband is 68 years and when she asks for sex he always tell her stories of one thing or another. She wants to know if it is right for her to use toys(penis) to satisfy herself. 
Thank you ma'am.

When a man advances in age, his sexual prowess reduces and he may experience some difficulties with achieving erection, sustaining an erection or satisfying his wife during sexual intercourse. 
Some men have challenges of prostate enlargement and some may have some health challenges which may have an adverse effect on their sexual performance. 
For some, the drugs or their class or kind of food may have a counter effect on their sexual performance. 
In a scenario where we're left with two unpleasant challenges, it's wiser to go for one that has limited effect on the marriage. 
It won't be nice for her to sleep with other men, but it's safer, healthier and considerate for her to consider sex toys to satisfy her sexual urge. 
Christians face real life challenges and for the fact that she's a Christian doesn't mean that she should burn in her own emotions if she wishes to seek for an alternative to help her remain focused and committed to her marriage.

Before you consider sex toys, find out what your husband may be struggling with and ways he can be assisted or supported by an urologist. 
If for example he's diabetic or hypertensive, there's every tendency that it will affect his sexual performance. If he's having challenges with his penis, you can support him, and where there's little or nothing you can do to revive his sexual challenges, you may consider sex toys.

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