Monday, October 3, 2016

My Pastor Said I Can't Marry My Partner.

Good morning ma, please ma, I truly need your help and I will appreciate it if you can look into my case...
This post happens to be my second post and the first one was not attended to, but I have finally made up my mind to marry the man I truly love...

Just recently, I told my pastor about this guy I want to get married to and the first question he asked me was if the man was Born again and I answered to an extent reasons because he is not the spiritual type that goes to church everyday but I know him to be someone that has a clean hand and a pure heart..
The second question was if I have had sex with him? This is a guy I have dated for eight years, I answered and said yes...The next thing my pastor said was that the guy is not my husband that I can't marry him....
I tried to make him see reasons but he refused and said except I don't want to marry in his parish, that I should go and pray for my own husband.
Please advise me what should I do????

Nobody has the right to condemn you, judge you, or tell you who is your husband or not your husband. 
His duty is to counsel you and wed you and your partner as husband and wife. 
What Christians is admonished to do is preach against sin and ungodliness but not to condemn an individual because of their limitations. 
Since your pastor have said that he won't wed both of you, please consider going to another parish with your husband and wed there, but don't allow anyone including the pastor to cow you into leaving your partner because of his opinions about your partner.

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