Friday, October 28, 2016

My Boss is Pressurising Me To Have Sex With Him.

Good evening ma'am, please help me with this issue  bothering me.  I got a job recently in a hotel, but my boss wouldn't allow me to rest . He wants to sleep with me which was the main reason why he gave me the job.

I have told him that am still a virgin but he wouldn't listen. I have  been  giving him one excuse to another to leave me alone but he has refused to take no as an answer.
Am confused and don't know what else to do . Quitting the job and staying at home, am tired. I take care of myself cos am not in any relationship, and I hate begging for money. Please advise me.

So are you saying that if you weren't a virgin, that you would have given in to his demand? If the answer is yes, then you're a virgin for the wrong reasons. 
According to you, his main reason for giving you the job was because of sex. If this was your agreement, then you will either need fulfil your part of the bargain or quit the job. 
Please do not reduce yourself to an object of sexual pleasure to a man. It's more honourable and rewarding to quit the job than for you to give in to his sexual demand.

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