Saturday, October 29, 2016

My Dad Made Growing Up Hell For Everyone.

Good evening ma'am, I want to thank God for using you mightily in different ways, remain blessed. Please ma I need your counsel. Am a young lady of 21, through with my university education, though am yet to serve. 
Ma, growing up wasn't easy, my dad really made it hell for everyone and hasn't stopped. I grew up to know him as an abusive man,
to him we're his slaves and not children and my mum is not exclusive. He beats my brother and I at the slightest provocation (up till now), to him we're not good enough.
He abuses us with heart breaking words, I went through hell in the university because he hardly cares, I had to sell things in the hostel to support myself and my younger brother, he talks to mum without respect, he always tells mum to go and die so he can marry someone else and have lovely children cause we're all bunch of idiots to him. 
Though am through with school but he won't let me socialize, I can't go out to look for work cause he said I don't need it but he doesn't provide my needs, am yet to clear in my school for service cause he refused to give me the money. 
I started a network business through the help of my friend and am still struggling to save up to the amount I need. I've endured so many beatings and abusive words in silence till a day I cried out my heart to my best friend who advised me to write to you. 
Ma I feel so helpless, I can't go on occasions, I've lost friends, I've lost hope, I've prayed and am almost losing faith. I feel trapped in here, I can't even attend programs that will help my career. My brothers hate him so much, I've tried talking to them to forgive him but he keeps maltreating us. My mum has taken things the way they are and said we are her only source of hope and joy. 
Ma I need your advice cause am really depressed.

Though your sorrows may last for the night, joy comes in the morning. It maybe pretty much painful and humiliating growing with a father who infuses pains, fears and timidity in your system, but I want you to understand that your father is actually fighting a peculiar battle, one that is pretty strange and devastating. 
A man who beats his wife and calls his children a bunch of idiots truly is fighting an unpalatable battle. Please do not relate to him based on his attitude towards you or anyone else but relate to him as a man who needs divine intervention and mercies from God above. 
His views and opinions may not be in your best interest but give him the respect that he deserves and allow God to fix him. 
In no distant future you will be going for the national youth service programme and you will have all the time to make friends and plan your life. 
If you have any relatives that you can visit once in a while, I will suggest that you talk with your mother and then leave the environment temporarily to help you regain yourself and plan your future.
Always remember to pray for your father and ask that God will give him the peace of mind that surpasses all understanding and knowledge.


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