Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My Friend Made A Shocking Revelation About My Husband.

Hello sis Amara, good evening, I really have something bothering me and would need your own advice/opinion I have written to you several times, the last time I wrote to you and told you about my husband's maltreatment, the one I wrote and told you that we haven't talked for three months and how he insults my mother in every given opportunity.
He travelled last month and even before he left, he only told me a day before,
and just this morning one of my friend called me and said that she heard my husband just paid another girl's bride prize and I was in shock, I was soo confused and didn't know how to approach the issue.
I called him and told him that I heard something, he asked me what's it, and I couldn't even gather the strength to say something and dropped the call. I tried calling him back but he refused to pick his phone. Although we were having marital issues before he travelled he always calls me, asks me about the kids and talks to them on phone, and I thought things were getting better but after I received this type of call this morning, I'm soo stressed.
I have told my sister in the village to go and verify if it's true, the girl they said he wants to marry in question used to be my friend back in secondary school, she knows fully well that he's my husband because she sees our pictures on Facebook. My question now is what if this happens to be true, where do I start from with this two kids? Will I live in the same house with another woman?
Men can truly be heartless, he didn't even make any attempt for us to fix our home nor call any of my family members. I'm the one always calling his people, especially his mum telling her how things are. I tried confronting this girl by sending her a message on Facebook messenger and she ignored my messages. I would really need your advice as I wait for my sister to get back to me, because she said she will go to the girl's house and ask people around, thanks.

The first thing will be to confirm and get every evidence that your husband paid the bride prize of another lady. 
With this evidence in your hands, you will then need to decide whether to continue with him or return home with your children. 
I remember explaining how important it is for both of you to return back home and get both families involved in your marriage, but I guess you had better plans than I suggested.
I still feel that both of you can work on your marriage, but what I can't tell is whether he will back out of the second wife if indeed he goes ahead to marry her. 
In Africa, getting married to more than one wife is not a taboo, so you either decide to continue with him as the first wife or you may have to consider separating from him so that you can regain your integrity and self esteem. 
I hope that the information from your friend is false, but if it's really true, then you may need to plan your future before he returns.

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