Monday, October 31, 2016

Will I Make Mistake in Marriage if I Don't Test A Man's Sexual Prowess?

Thank you ma,
Good morning,
Actually there's this issue that have been making me unstable, l can't even think straight again without remembering my ex.
Am 24 years now, it happened last year I was dating this guy and he invited me over to his place. l visited him and in the course he demanded for sex
and I told him no (am a virgin and I really loved him).
I explained everything to him but he said we really need to have sex to know whether we're compatible (before that episode, when l do dream l will see him in company of girls), and also the woman of God that helped me in the course of prayer told me he is my husband. .
When l was leaving his house, he managed to give me transport fares and then told me to send my account details later which l did but he didn't send any money. l called him, sent him messages of how deeply I love him (he can cook, clean, handsome, neat e. t.c and these are the qualities l want in a man). He later sent me a message and said he can't do what's on my head . .
Lately l opened my Facebook and I saw his wedding plans. Ever since then l haven't been myself, I have been seriously thinking about him
Aunty Amara, how can l come out from this? Did l do wrong by not sleeping with him? What is this compatibility that most people talk about that they need to test their partner to know? Will l make mistake in marriage if l don't test a man to know his sexual prowess? Can a man of God actually tell you your life partner? How do l get over this thoughts of him?
N:B- (I will be going for my youth service this November, many guys are asking me out but I have not really seen what am looking for in a man in them )
I love sex, l do have urges but I wouldn't want to fornicate or  heartbreak ..
I need your help
Have a nice day ma ..

Simply put, testing your partner's sexual prowess before marriage is fornication and it's not the best foundation to build your marriage on. 
The honest truth is that he only wanted to add you to his list of ladies that he has slept with in life. Somehow some men delight in maintaining this record and they go about it in a diverse manner. 
For some, they promise marriage, for some they tag it compatibility, and for some they see sex as a product that their money can buy. 
So the point is that he never loved you nor had any long term plan with you, and if you slept with him, perhaps you would have been talking about how to raise your child as a single parent and nothing more.
I feel that you should thank God for saving you from what would have crushed your esteem and make you go through pregnancy with pains of betrayal and frustration. 
There's no sexuality challenges that cannot be resolved between couples who love each other, so there's no excuse to explore your body when you're not mentally and emotionally prepared for it.. 
Secondly, you need to learn to be responsible for your needs. When you give a man an impression that you can't do anything without depending on his money, he will automatically demand for sex as an exchange for his support. 
So instead of expecting so much from him, simply learn to maintain your space as a lady and live within your means, so that you won't be exposed to the pressure of sex before support. 
He's getting married to another lady, so wake up from your dreams. You can't be his second best, the God who gave Sarah Abraham is still the same God who gave Elizabeth Zechariah, He will definitely give you your own man. A man who will complete and compliment you in so many ways. 
Can a man of God or the woman of God or a prophet of God tell you that Mr A or Mr K is your husband? Yes they can but the greatest prophesy and conviction you need is that from your own heart and the one you heard from God yourself. 
The Bible says that we should test all spirits and prophesies because not every prophesy is from God, and not every spirit is working in your favour. There's something called familiar spirit, and there are some strange prophesies that may sound like they're from God, but they're actually not from God. 
So instead of depending on prophesies and revelations, I will suggest that you consider seeking the face of God and hearing from God because his word will surely come to fulfilment. 
Wake up from your dreams, quit every form of communication or regrets, make healthy friends and forget about relationships for now. Don't be in a hurry to replace him or go into a relationship to send a message to him. 
Be yourself and allow love to take its process in your life. You will definitely find your husband if you open your heart to meet with him.

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