Saturday, November 5, 2016

He's Too Local For My Liking.

Good morning ma, there's this issue bothering me, that's why I have decided to write to you cause am no longer thinking straight. I wrote to you earlier this year, Read Am I Being Used By Him? and I took the advise you gave to me and made a decision. I met another guy about three months ago, though he hasn't declared his intentions to me because we are still on friendship level,
based on his body language am convinced he loves me and I think I love him too because he has most of the qualities I need in my dream man. Most of his friends especially the boy working for him have told me in a stylish way that he says he loves me but he's the shy type.
Yesterday we went to an eatery, I was so surprised when he dropped the bombshell "I LOVE YOU AND I WANT US TO DATE". I was happy in a way but also confused cause he's a barber by profession, he owns a classic barbing saloon, not that he doesn't make money from his business but he's too igbotic(local) for my liking.
I don't no if I'll be proud to tell people most especially my parents his profession if we decide to take the relationship to the next level that is "MARRIAGE".. Am still in school, not yet a graduate but he's only a school certificate holder..
I feel secured and happy whenever am with him, he possesses the qualities I need in a man, he's focused.. My only problem is just that he's too igbotic and a barber..  
Ma, please advise me like your daughter, I don't want to make mistake like I did in my previous relationship.. Waiting for your response.

If having certificate is a key to success in marriage, there won't be divorce at all. If riches is the key to prosperous marriage, the wealthy won't wail in their home.
I understand the sudden mixed feelings that you feel about this man who has given you the purest kind of love you have yearned for all the days of your journey.
This man is a great man because he didn't allow the setbacks of life to limit him from achieving greatness in his endeavours. He was able to convert his limited information to an enterprise that takes care of his needs and the needs of his staff.
He may not be educated but he understands what it means to love and care for you. He maybe too igbotic for your liking but he sees happiness and fulfilment in your eyes.
If you genuinely love this man, you won't focus on his limitations but you will partner with him and help him to achieve greater success with him. You will give him ideas on how he can expand his investment and maybe suggest ways he can go back to school and advance in his studies. You will not see his igbotic nature but you will see his potentials and think of ways to bring out the best in him.
Education is not meant to build a barrier amongst humanity but it's meant to add value to others and help them become better individuals.
Let the light of your education in you radiate in the life of your partner. Do not talk to him as though you're not proud of his personality, but let this be borne out of genuine love and sincere desire to bring out the best in his personality. You need to embrace him and appreciate him for you to help him become a better man.
For me, your happiness and fulfilment in your marriage matters much more than the social status of individuals. If you have found peace of mind, fulfilment, and love in him, I think that you should be grateful that God has given you the kind of a man who won't make you shed tears or see you in pains.

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