Sunday, November 6, 2016

How Do I Cope With His Jealousy?

Good pm madam, I have a problem that I want to share with you.
Am 25 years, am in a relationship with this guy that I love so much but the guy in question has never demanded for sex from me since we started dating.

Our relationship is almost a year, what he told me was that he has an eternity plan for me. I have received so many heartbreak from people, my heart tells me that he loves me. He cares for me, cook, and do other things for me. He includes me in his plans but what I don't like about him is his jealousy. He doesn't allow me to go out alone, he follows me anywhere I go, he wants to know everything that happens whenever he is not around, and he gets jealous whenever he sees me talking to somebody or a guy touching me.
Whenever a friend calls me, he will start asking questions. I feel cool whenever am with him but he's not financially buoyant cos he is a student. Ma , how do I cope with his jealous nature cos it is getting too much. I love him so much.

At a point I thought that you're worried about his jealous attitude, but I was thrown off balance when you said that he's not financially buoyant. My question is, what exactly are you worried about? 
You seem to be looking for faults to discredit his personality because if you are not, I don't know why you're worried about a man who loves you, cares about you, cooks for you, and doesn't pressure you to have sex with him. 
As regards to his jealous attitude, I feel that it's something that you can resolve by talking to him and assuring him of your commitment and devotion to the relationship. There must have been some things, experiences, fears or issues which may have influenced his attitude towards you, and have made him to be too protective in his relationship.
Sit down with him and let him know how you feel about his attitude, let him know that you are not comfortable with his attitude. 
I believe that he will adjust with time and give you the freedom to love him naturally.
I'm very certain that you didn't venture into the relationship for financial gains but to build a future that both of you will be proud of. I think that it's too early to expect that he should have riches to take care of your needs. Give him some time, support him and pray that God will establish him so that he will support you in his own little way.


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