Thursday, November 10, 2016

Is He A Changed Man?

Please ma, I need your help once again. I am 25 years old serving in Akwa-ibom state, I knew this guy since early last year that told me he loves me. He is a graduate working in Abuja, but the few months I knew him was not encouraging.
Most times he lied to me that he travelled out of Abuja for an official assignment, but all was not true. He flirts a lot and hardly calls me, and whenever I call him, he will tell me he's busy, so I decided to let him be. 
There was no communication between us since last year December till last week that he called to apologise. He said he was on vacation and needed me to come down to Abuja over the weekend to sort things out. 
Seriously ma, am very very confused, I don't know if he's now a changed person as he claimed, and I don't know if it's proper for me to go there or not. I need your advice please.

If he's on vacation, it's only normal and fair for him to visit you. For now he's not your husband so I don't subscribe to you visiting him because he's on vacation. 
Perhaps his sex partner is not around so he wants a quickie from you before she returns. 
Don't give yourself to be used and abused, rather pray and wait for a man who will love and cherish your personality with no deception.

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