Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why Do Bad Girls Marry Good Men?

Good afternoon ma, please I need your word of encouragement.... Am a God fearing lady, humble, and beautiful but all the men that I have dated are always after sex and are all womanizers. I have really made up my mind not to have sex till am married and
keep my body for the man that will marry me...

Recently all my friends are getting married this December and January next year, I don't know why my own is different, am not even in any relationship not even serious date cos they are always after sex and won't wait till we are married.... Sometimes I feel like asking God question why is it that those girls that flirt around always get the best but those that keep their body and obey God's word won't get.....
Please ma, I need your advice and word of encouragement.

The Bible says that if a light is hid under the bushel it won't give light to the environment, the usefulness of a salt is in bringing out the taste in a meal. There are so many gorgeous, adorable, lovely, humble, and selfless ladies who have the virtues that every man yearn for in his wife. Unfortunately these virtues and values are masked under religious principles and doctrines. 
They tell you that looking gorgeous is a sin, that taking good care of your appearance is worldly, that you shouldn't relate with men because they are all evil and sinners, that you shouldn't marry the man who is not from your church, that you shouldn't attend social events, that you shouldn't express yourself or share your opinions with others because it's not right for a lady to have an opinion of her own. 
You paint a dummy pictures of your personality and hide your virtues, you go about looking like a dejected and rejected image and still expect that he will see you and propose marriage to you. 
The God who created a lady to look gorgeous, gave her lovely breast to keep men thinking and lovely shape to push men to action knew that how a lady presents herself matters a lot.
It is good to keep your body for your husband but it's also great to let your light shine. 
The reason why some ladies who live a rough life end up with good men is because they understand the importance of communication, and connecting with the opposite sex. 
They are not afraid to live with their convictions, they don't try to be controlled by the opinions of others because they understand the importance of having a personal convictions in anything they do, and they understand what men need but may not possess the attributes that men desire.
So as a godly lady, you need to step up from living under the cave to living out your convictions as a lady. Christianity is not a way of dressing but a way of living. 
If all a lady can offer to a man is her virginity then she's actually empty because virginity has little or nothing to offer to a peaceful and loving marriage. 
Don't just compare yourself with others but let your light shine, let your goodness be known to all, let your convictions be what separates you from others and not religious doctrines. 
Learn to look good, dress well and have a good sense of communication and humour. Be accessible, be open, be yourself, throw yourself out there, and allow God to perfect that which you desire. 
You may meet some men who are not in love with you but in love with your body, you may meet those who have different agendas for the relationship, but that shouldn't deter you from trusting God for your own husband. 
No matter how long it may take, God will definitely give you a man that will love you without giving you many reasons to regret your decision. 
Don't allow the pressure of your friends getting married to push you into feeling inferior and discouraged, thank God for them and trust God for your own husband. 

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