Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Why Has God Kept Quiet?

Good evening Amara, please kindly advise me. 
I had a young mature guy whom I was going out with in a relationship. He deflowered me, promised to marry me, along the way I started seeing some changes in him until he told me that he was not interested in me again. 
During that period, I had a little problem which I was passing through then thinking that he would stand by me but he even abused me with what I was passing through.
To God be the glory, God saw me through and this guy was trying to come  back but I refused. 
During that time he left me, I prayed and told God to take vengeance for me, I even cursed him but now I found out that he will be getting married this month. Please does it mean that God did not answer my prayers when we separated? I heard that he has disappointed so many young ladies so why should God allow such person to live especially when I remember how he disvirgined me. 
I am still cursing him up till now, he will never stay in peace in that marriage, am still hoping that God will bring the rightful man to me thanks.
If not of God I will find a way to destroy him, am weeping inside my heart
I don't know what to tell God again in my prayers, I have never in my life hurt any man, he was the only guy who slept with me, and since four years now that we broke up, I have not gone into another relationship up till now and he was the first guy I met. 
I don't love him again but my question is, why is God keeping quiet?

God is not keeping quiet, you're just not heeding to his voice and his admonition. You have decided to lock God out of your life and punish yourself with the memories of your decision. 
The painful part of the relationship was his promise to marry you, and he said that so that he can gain access to your body, but choosing to have sex with him was with mutual agreement you had with him. 
You knew God's position on sex before marriage and you chose to believe in a man's promise instead of God's provision. In as much as it's hurtful for a man to betray you, you are not blameless because you decided to give your body when you are not married to him. 
Harming, hurting, cursing or abusing him won't change the fact that this man never loved you. Even if you succeed in getting back at him, it won't replace the vacuum nor will it heal you of your pains. 
Forgive him, forgive yourself, release him from your heart, and choose from the depth of your heart to surrender everything to God. 
You cannot keep a man God have not prepared for you, and you will not meet the man that God has sent to you because of your hatred and pains towards your ex. 
You've kept yourself in bondage for too long, now is the time to move on with your life. Dust off the feeling of low self esteem, hatred and rejection. You're too beautiful to allow a man who have moved on with his life to destroy everything that makes you a lady in life. 
It's time to look up to the brighter side of life and embrace God's grace and healing. That you lost your virginity doesn't mean that you have lost your essence of life and purposeful living. 
God will bless you with a man who will make your joy to be complete without any iota of regrets if only you will release your ex from your heart.

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  1. Dear,stop drinking poison and expecting another person to die. If you continue this way,you will self-destruct. Please,re-trace your steps,ad allow God to heal you.


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